On Your Marks, Get Set...Go

one added advantage when I'm travelling with a group is that I get more pictures of me (it may be dubious as to whether you feel that's an advantage or not) I also get involved in more comedy moments, and here is one of them - a sneak preview of a couple of weeks down the line

Yes folks, it's Ms Coates with Giant Loop luggage on a camel.

The Rest of the Ladies Join Me

And now it's the turn of my intrepid group.
I had made the return journey to Manali and taken an overnight bus out of the mountains and down to Delhi
and experienced other forms of public transport including the tuk-tuks (or auto rickshaws as they're referred to in India)

A Final Bit of Drama

I knew I was back in civilisation when the road became filled with what seemed like a thousand sheep and all going in the opposite direction, with a couple of cars resignedly trying to get through.

The Frozen Mountain

One pint of chai later and I had a new problem on my hands - the loo

It meant scuttling out the back door, to the uninviting stone enclosure on the right, heaving the corrugated iron sheet away from the door, removing several layers of clothes and then baring my backside to the elements as I hovered over a hole in the ground. You blokes don't know when you've got it easy.

Extreme Chills

It's morning at 4200m

Sarchu Sojourn

In the distance, the tent settlement that is Sarchu appeared, I rode into my old camp - I'm a creature of habit and like to return to my old haunts, plus I felt grateful to the guys as they'd been so nice.

Although my tent camp appeared to be quite basic from the outside.

Return to Sarchu

I was feeling pretty good, I had the bulk of my journey done for the day, there were a few hold ups where trucks had got stuck

but I was always able to slip through on my bike, unlike some countries I could mention, people were happy to shift their vehicles over a bit to allow two-wheelers to squeeze past.

From Sunshine to Snow

View from the handlebars

Ms Coates on the road with a serious look on her face as she has less than four days to get to Delhi from Leh

Heading South

View from the handlebars

Ms Coates on the road with a serious look on her face as she has less than four days to get to Delhi from Leh

High Altitude Tyre Tales

I explained the situation to my erstwhile hitch-hiker, turned the bike around and limped slowly and carefully back down the mountain, I was only 3 kms from the top of Khardung La.

Although I had the tools etc that I needed to remove the rear wheel, which on an Enfield is pretty easy, I wasn't carrying tyre levers; so I stopped and asked the soldiers at a checkpoint for help.

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