Beach Life in Rio

I originally set off on my very first bike trip heading to India with my best friend and just two months bike riding experience between us. It proved to be a baptism of fire as we wobbled our way out of the UK and across Europe, negotiating with the various bureaucratically obsessed border crossings as we meandered and muddled our way through Asia to India.

Breaking bones, doing bad Abba impressions and reading maps upside down all whilst wrestling a quarter tonne bike with two of us on it.

That first journey was supposed to last nine months but I ended up crossing four continents and spending two and a half years on the road- I was well and truly bitten by the bike travelling bug.

I am now considered the world's foremost female bike adventurer; many countries and over 200,000 miles have been covered since that first journey- this website has the stories behind them all from Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas, Timbuctoo, Outer Mongolia and even Everest Base Camp - on The Trail to Tibet. In between travels I am an international freelance motorcycle guide and bike travel consultant. If you're feeling inspired, you too could join me in an adventure, check out the GlobeBusters selection of tours amongst others. In September 2017 I'll be leading a brand new tour in Kyrgyzstan - my faourite 'Stan. Looking ahead to 2018, why not come and join me in Madagascar in October for a tour that takes in the whole length of this incredible country.