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Hope to see you soon , Tiffany is waiting to see you as we all are , it is 12 yrs since we saw you last , sadly no vegies in the garden yet , keep your wire tight , all the best , wish I was off to Mongolia ! still haven't bought me GS yet ...( sent you a mail with directions , dead easy to find , see you later

Greg Ligia Tiffany and Oli XXXXXXXX


Hi, I live just up the road from your Mum's! discovered your adventures through the gazette! Fascinating and awe isnpiring!
I'm rebuilding my bike at the mo, and although it isn't an off-roader, i hope that one day i do even a fraction of what you have done!
Take my hat off to you!!
Good luck and enjoy!!!

tiffs big adventure

I've just been hurtling through West Cornwall on the back of Tiffs motorcycle and apart from losing my wig,it was one of the highlights of the last twenty years.Thanks Tiff and the best of luck on your journey across the Stans.Fred.X

New member to forum.

Just wanted to drop you a note and say I really enjoy reading about your travels. My wife and I used to live in the UK from 2001 to 2007 and I remember you being introduced at the Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting in 2005. We're living back in the US now. If you're ever here riding through, please drop in. I'm literally a 1/8 mile off of "Route 66" in Oklahoma City. Looking forward to your future posts on the website. Safe travels. Richard.

This is so exciting, I have

This is so exciting, I have been staying with Tiff for the weekend in Cornwall and hearing all about the imminent trip and more stories from the other adventures. Tiff is hoping to update the site every few days so that me and my teenagers can keep up with what is going on. Wish I was going, need to get some motorbike lessons, after all that was my new years resolution...

Happy Travels!


I found your blog via Walter(Serbirsky Extreme) and found Walter via AdventureRider was sent to me by a former co-worker I used to fly with(cargo pilot). Odd how things happen sometimes. Been riding since 1967 but NOTHING like you! You rock! Most of my rides are North America since I live in USA, but I have ridden some in Europe. Last month I rode my Harley to the BMW shop to test ride a new GS. My Harley(Ms. Red) didn't like the idea at all since the R1200GS was red too, but too late now. Adventure riders like you and Walter are an inspiration. Thanks!

Stay safe, have fun!