This is the place for you.

another GS in the family

It's always good to hear- so now the Brummies are getting in on the act. What one has he got??



Thanks for help on his journey to Savas! If something you need in Mexico City, I can gladly help you!

Take care .. and good luck!!!!

Pamela =)


Hi Pamela

Great to hear from you, I'd heard about you from Savas and many thanks for your offer of help.

I'll definitely let you know if I need any help, you are very kind .

Best wishes



foaming beer in Blighty...!

Hi Tiffany,, your blogs make good time sponges when insomnia hits..!! Reading them through a Nokia E71 isnt recommended tho. Are You back in uk for Xmas ?? Would love too chat with U and your poor fella Ian over some local brews in the L/Rock....! Ride safe have fun. Mez west Penwith

would that be warm foaming beer??

HI Mez

back soon, and we shall meet up at the Logan Rock.



HI Mez Good to hear that my

HI Mez

Good to hear that my blogs have some uses. I'll be back soon and we'll get a chance to meet up at the Logan Rock.



Saffas in Asia

Hey Tiffany!!


good luck with your round trip across the South America's. You've now seriously made us want to get hold of some bikes and hit the road once we get back to SA next year.


Heading into Southeast Asia, all is moving along at a natural pace and 'jhonny' the landcruiser is being boxed and shipped to Dubai in a month....ahhh travel stress!!


Keep well, safe riding and well see you soon.


Mike and Linda-Moving sushi

Maggie. D




maggie D

us johns are by nature such a fickle lot and deeply geministic and schizoid in matters of the heart

we are lost in the land of ladies and seriously needing of the cartographers art in guiding us through these emotional mindfields ...mapping the human heart is called for

sam is certainly a joy but maggie is still D one

john 1

re : Maggie D

Dear Interpid Tiff, I know I put a comment on here a few weeks ago asking for you to put a good word in for me with your  bike companion from your africa trip, the lovely Maggie - well I have to tell you I have changed my mind and having met your  sister sam - I am begging you to put in a good word for me with her. I met her two weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about her. Never have I met such a beautiful, elegant, stylish , graceful woman.  Forget Maggie D, the beautiful Sam is now the object of my affection. I am completely besotted



re: Samm

Dear Tiffany Twisted, she drives a bmw ...


Congradulations on all the travels .. but you still owe me for that mint tea in Esfahan ...


And I can understand John's infatuations with Sam, she is surely all that and more, like

very organised and non-argumentative.



Hey Yo It's a mint tea AND

Hey Yo

It's a mint tea AND another seat as we made you give up your prized quiet table for one and pushed you into sharing with us.

Any chance of you being on business in the States in the next few months?

it would be great to meet up

safe riding



Hey Tiff, this is Selim fm Istanbul...


I beleive you are taking good care of my buddy Savas overthere... bless you both


hope things will all go well. good luck :)



Hi selim

Good to hear from one of Savas's friends at home.  We have been having a great time crossing Mexico together, he has been  learning some Spanish from me, allthough with an English accent and I have been picking up some Turkish words from him, though they ar eof limited use oveer here in Latin America.


best wishes


ello from sunny cornwall

yo tiff,

cornwall is very wet and in the last couple of days it has gone very cold as well! I want to be where you are! Loo has had a bad back for the last month, I fell off my bike at a moto cross meeting and have got whip lash, reached 50 last week, feeling old sore and grumpy! Apart from all that every thing here is tickity boo, apart from the wind day after day,

Great reading your blog keep having fun,

lots of love,

Happy Gary and Loo.


Pride of BMW

     We have been with Tiffany for the past couple of days listening with total astonishment to her incredible motorcycle adventures.  Her feat of having circumnavigated the globe, not once, but twice, indeed is amazing.

     And every inch of these travels, from the very beginning in 1997, has been achieved on her BMW, Thelma.

     If BMW were to learn about Tiffany and her 17 year old motorcycle, we would think that they would rush to the opportunity of promoting Tiffany's extraordinary BMW accomplishments.

     Bruce and Janet Cohn

Coming to southern US?


the "Caravana" riders from Louisiana are hoping that you are haeded our way. We have plenty of room for you and Thelma. Maybe not as fancy as Quito but pretty nice. Let us know.




Louisiana Riders

Hi There Bob, Clint and Ron (and Phyllis)

After the great time we had riding in Ecuador, I'm looking forward to catching up with you guys at some point. I just need to work out a route that takes me from the West Coast to Nova Scotia via the swamps of Louisiana.

hasta luego


your route to Nova Scotia

I just learned about your site from keeping up with Hubert Kreigel's "Timeless Ride"  I am enjoying both of your adventures. I am a newbie compared to either of you and I have yet to get my first GS, but maybe soon. I saw your note about heaading to Nova Scotia and don't know if you've been there and returned . If you need accommodations in Old Lyme, Ct. either way the light is always on.

Be Safe,


HI from Denver

We have ben following your great adventure from here, it sounds like it's been an awesome journey.

If you get to Colorado, let us know as there is plenty of room here for you and for Thelma to stay.


Mike and Rachel

Denver Offer

HI there

Thanks so much for the offer of accommodation, it's always much appreciated and although I'm not currently planning on going to Colorado, you never know what's around the corner.


hey Tiff

Hi there nanny barnes this site is really cool. hope to see you in the shire sometime over the festive season =) eagerly awaiting your next update, sent with much love from all of us in the foothills of malvern.

have fun bye for now



Hello from Germany

Hello Tiffany

I met you on the road in Mongolia in a cloud of dust.

Congratulations on arriving in Japan- there will a place to stay in Frankfurt if you ever need it.


maggie D ,

hey tiff

i really fancy your friend galway maggie D

know your are v busy out there in outer asia but can u put in the good word for me

trying to interest her in the world of einstein, cryptic crosswords and roving handicraft

tell her i want her heart to absorb photons of my dreams and drive metaphorical cycles through my brain

a fearless woman like your good self can cc la bon mot pour moi to this lady fair

given your imperial heritage to suggest such a mission of colonisation seems not such a major favour to request

a pint of plain or even a strong irish brew will await u in sligo should u find time to indulge my desire

what more can i say

keep revving on your travels and indulge me on this affair of the heart

drive carefully

John O'Sligo who would be yeatssih had he a modicum of creative talent .....but drive gently as the treads you wear out on those rough terrains you conquer may mimic the dreams we might likely trod upon

happy motoring


maggie d - we are not fooled

for gods sake mags -  me and ian have just read the comment you have put up there - I can't believe you have got so desperate you are pretending to be a secret admirer of yourself - god it's so obvious.


sam and ian


Hi Tiff, just seen your web address on GSClubUK.  Just done two trips to Europe, Romania and all round France, my passenger was Rocket the dog, so we are restricted to Europe.

I allways keep a strap around the panniers or a bun-gee or two, ever since I was hit my a car pulling out in to me, breaking one lock. 

Have a agreat adventure, and try to keep the faith. Every day is a adventure,

Ron and Rocket  ENJOY 

Problem Panniers

Hi Ron

Yes, I do use ratchet straps and also in the rough conditions here in Mongolia, I do the old African trick of also using old inner tubes stretched aorund the racks and panniers to hold them in place. It works - just as long as the welding holding the racks together stays intact!

Admirable adventure woman

Hi Tiff -

I just came across your web-site and am intrigued by your travel accomplishments. Best wishes to Ian for better health and also the best of luck in your travels.

Isi Sahman

Ok thats enough now Tiff

It is great that you have gone on this grand adventure and i am really proud of you. But enough is enough now and you must come home. It is soon to be winter and it is not good to be rattling around in the cold. Ian told me that you beat him up too.

Anyway Tiffany dear mark my words and come home before cold gets in the bones.

Love Vicks. xx

hello Tiff!

Hi Tiff!

Your website is great! Just been down to Cornwall to see Margaret and Charlie and we saw Sam too! We got stuck in the mud on that little slope by the garden gate and I had to tow our car out with your Mums SKODA! (they weren't there when this happened though). Hope you are well and I shall be keeping a keen interest on all your travelling from now on! Best wishes and lots of love from Chris(chook), Karen Annie and Charlie!!XXXXXXX Shit, I think I need Charlie to help me out with that maths question at the bottom of the page.

Tiff, I am sitting in a house

Tiff, I am sitting in a house in Devon - telling my visiting family members (all 12 of them) about your travels, past and current - they have also thoroughly investigated and explored your website. They have now turned their attention to me, and are testing my knowledge and information retention skills in regard to your future plans and are also wanting to know the most bizarre intricacies of your journey..

I do not have the answers for them, and they are not satisfied. Help.

My Dad in particular wants to know how a vegetarian has stayed sufficiently nourished whilst traveling through-out the 'stans'. And my Nan wonders 'how come your hair still looks so shiny?', my Grandad wants to know what your bike weighs when fully loaded as he is having trouble understanding the physics of the journey itself....

Please, any tiny details, that may be insignificant to you... share them- They may earn me vital minutes of quiet contentment so that I can actually finish one of the pile of books that sam has given me.

PS - Well done, we are proud of you. And please come back soon, before get too carried away with themselves - the six wheeled vehicle is missing your cornish hedge avoidance skills....


This is Johnnie Bullens

This is Johnnie Bullens family (daughter(Joanne) and grand children) hope you're having a great trip. We're down in cornwall catching up with everyone, been on one of your Dads mad adventures we were meant to be ankle deep in water but instead ended waist deep! All the best lots of love xx

great no need to log in to make comments

be warned Tiffy now I don't have to be organised enough to remember my password and secret agent user name hairbear - your website will be littered with trivia from me.
Mags and I are setting up our own website called

Your website has been lucky enough to have gained the exclusive serial rights- first installment below)

" raising journey from Penzance to Porthcurno - Mags behind the wheel of our six wheeled vehicle - forget sand dunes, raging rivers mountains and all that stuff ( yawn yawn) the narrow tiny lanes of West Cornwall provided thrills as Mags decides to paint strip the side of the van by scraping it along cornish hedges ( stone walls to those travellers who haven't been to the exotic extremes of Cornwall).
Forget lions, camels etc - Mags had a set to nose to nose with a luxury german touring coach.
Sorry; rushing off to park newly paint scraped vehicle in a layby.

More on our exciting travels next week ( including chats with a kazak biker in Penzance high street outside the co- op and the hitchhiker going to Sennen who refused to get in Sam's car because it was too smelly and maggie will give a report on her travels to the international airport ( er newquay) with some friendly locals ( aka Madge and chaz )) We are looking for sponsors if anyone knows any.

top of the world

Eagles ... Wow!! Breathtaking tales :) thankyou.

Ruan, Fran and I just back from a week in Treen - as magnificent as usual, the boy Ruan loved the beaches rocks and animals. Fran's pretty large now but still twice shimmied down the rocks to ChapelPorth. Saw Ian all excited about Mongolia - Sam took me out and plied me with ale until midnight - some say it's wet but it's all weather to us.

Missed you down there though and thrilled to have found this route to your routes - we'll keep checking on you and hope Shangri La's all it's meant to be.

love matthew (and phantom fran and ru of course)

Hi Tiff

Hiya, it sounds like you are having some crazy adventures as always. Sorry I haven't been in touch before but lots happening this end as usual.

Thanks for mine and Woody's birthday cards they arrived safely and definately very different.

Have fun on your travels and can't wait to see you when you get home.

You are truly an amazing lady, an amazing friend and very special in so many ways.

All my love, kisses & cuddles.

Saz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Tiff

You are a mad, crazy lady in the best of possible ways. I am looking forward to being snuggled up in your comfy bed looking through the photos with you (sorry Ian, but you are going to be ousted).

Love Vicky


Hi Tiff.
Great to be able to keep up with you on your intrepid journey. Your recovery is truely inspirational and it keeps me going whilst looking after Mrs Gecko who is battling her own long fight to recovery.
Stephanie sends her love and we hope to catch up with you when you get back - don't rush though!!!
Hugs xx

I gather you're not home right now!

Hi Tiff
was gonna pop in and see you in cornwall but i guess not eh? glad to see your well enough to get up and out there again , loving the blogs , sounds like fun! just bought a gs so planning a few trips myself... not in your league

regards Craig

Bonjour Tiffany!

Alors très chère, toujours en vadrouille a ce que je vois!

Your website is fantastic. We are all thinking and rooting for you here in sunny old Clapham. I enjoyed looking at the African photos again and seeing the Maggie section too! Bonjour Maggie if you're reading this!

De mon coté: we just celebrated Alexandre's 1st birthday, he's at the stage where no place is safe - he will find the most dangerous thing to do in any location. Pierre (4) starts school in September, we just got his uniform, the little tie... very british! Juliette (7) is of course completely british by now. I am therefore not only outnumbered but my accent is critised on a daily basis. Guillaume is well - he was briefly made redundant at the start of the year but the bank took him back on - so he was a househusband for 3 months, which he did perfectly (you know how meticulous he is), but it drove me up the wall (you know how slovenly I am). Now all is back to normal.

I will show the kids the website tonight, they are bound to be massively impressed by not only the bike but the mud too!

A bientot, je t'embrasse


wow really are an intrepid explorer!!!!!

Hello Tiff, what an excellent website, cant believe I've known you for so long and never realised quite what you were getting up to on those bike rides of yours!!!!! I guess seeing the pictures makes it real. Wish I could be a fly on your helmet for a few days....the most exciting thing in my life at the minute is looking in Amina's nappies!!! Well have an exciting and adventure filled time on this journey and keep safe....big love and hugs from me and Amina here in Spain where we are starting to melt down in the heat! Lots of love Sofia XXXX

Intrepid Tiff - Greetings to you and some big hugs

Yes the most exciting thing I have done is bought a kayak, and the most exciting place I go is Kennet and Avon Canal and Saltford Shallows up by Jimmys. I will miss you madly at Biblins, It feels like you have got so far so quickly, I would love to bathe in that Black Sea, you are probably a long way gone from there now. That Stomach thing is very universal eh, it has come up a few times. Nasty! Hope you are now fully recovered and thriving on living the dream. We love you Tiffy ps cant wait to see you, could have done
with a chat but this is far too public and international See you luvvy


Now that IS exciting that you have bought a kayak - we'll have to go sea-kayaking together when I get home.

Slipped disc

Dear Tiffany ,

I thought twelve yrs ago you had more balls than Wimbledon but this time time you have left us( especially me ) gob smacked , still really annoyed at the disc problem we couldn't sort out and hope so much you can sort it out soon,either in Odessa or Georgia , please let us all know how you get on , we will all be thinking of you and checking out the website to see how you are doing , shame you couldn't have stayed a bit longer,all our love and respect

Greg Ligia Tiffany Oliver Janos Nicoleta and Mircea XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

P.S if anybody from BMW ever checks out this website then this lady is probably the best advertisement for BMW motorbikes on the planet , maybe you should really consider 'Pimping her ride ' one day .

Wishing you well

Hey Tiff

Great website, great adventures, great photos, great ..... well, you for doing it!

Can't wait to read more about your trip, stay safe have fun (god I sound like an old fuddy duddy .... even more now using that expression!)

Keep us posted

Love Em

Bon Journey Tiffany


Great to meet you both on-board the ship today.

All the best with the trip and I hope to see you on the way back.

If you can, let me know when you are travelling back with us and I will try to meet up with you.

Ride safe and have fun


Its me again

Just saw the date, I am a day out, so may be I will talk to you before you go, I will call you tomorrow Jude xx

Bon Voyage Lovely Tiffany

We will be with you in spirit if not brave enough to come with you. Wanted to catch up with you before you left but that is definitely not going to happen now, so lots of love to you along your journey from all of us and now that I have managed to get a new password, I should be able to keep in touch and tell you all about my exciting adventures at Saltford Weir while you swan around the world and back. Jude xx Jazzxx and Gabby xx

How Exciting!

Fantastic website. Have really enjoyed browsing around.

Your friend Janet is my new hero. What an inspiration that lady is. I am sure I shall 'go for it' more now. Thanks Janet!

Anyway my dearest Tiffy, daring adventurer, I am terribly proud to be able to call you a friend.

I will check in on your travels through your website and those rogue sisters.

Love Vicky.

not long now!

Hi Tiff,
It was great to catch up with you at Land's End the other spite of the weather! Have a wonderful (and safe) trip. Really looking forward to reading about it here.
Best Wishes

Good Luck Message

Hi Tiffany

Having been your mortgage broker for years, I can't believe you have only just told me about all your adventures. I can't wait to read all about your immanent jorney (only 48hrs to go, AHHHHHH!!)

Have a wonderful time.