This is the place for you.

hi from Labrador

hello Tiffany, i wrote yesterday but i don't see my comment..i guess i made something wrong ha ha. Anyway,  you are already in Newfoundland, i hope that you enjoyed the south coast of Labrador. See you soon , take care.

Myriam Madagascar

Thank you

HI Myriam

Great to hear from you and many thanks for the fantastic hospitality and champagne reception in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. I'm hoping to meet up with you again at Pats in Gambo.

Enjoy the ferry.

A bientot


Hi from Chris

Hi Tiffany,

Just thought I would say hello and good luck. I met you in Regina during the ride for Dad. Took your picture.



Ride for Dad

Hi Chris

Thanks for getting in touch, I hope the rest of the Rode for Dad (in aid of prostate cancer and aid for military families) went well. Did you get to Victoria OK? I'll email you as I didn't manage to get any photos of my own that day as I was so busy chatting to everyone.

Best wishes


World Riding

Hey Tiffany -

Love your photos! I just learned you'll be in Maryland speaking at Bob's the end of the month. I'll be doing a presentation there in November! 

As fellow BMW XPLORers, I hope we can connect and put a few miles in...

Be safe and smile!


Allan Karl

Fellow Rider

Hi Allan

I just looked at your website- we've been to quite a few of the same places, hopefully we will meet up somewhere along the road.

ride safe and best wishes


Rest area encounter on Rt 94 in Wisconsin (45 miles east of MN)

Hi Tiffany!  Jayne and I spoke with you at a rest stop on Monday, August 23.  We really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you.  Your epic travel accomplishments and awesome ambitions ("...I'm headed for way of Labrador..."!!!) are inspiring to us as enthusiastic, but comparatively low time-in-saddle riders.  We will be tracking your progress on your website and reading about your adventures.  We wish for you the perfect balance between safety and adrenalin as you wind your way through contries, cultures and people on your wonderful trips.


Mike and Jayne Burns

Hudson, Ohio USA

Hello from Canada

HI Mike

It was good to meet fellow bike riders (even if you were in the car at that point), and thanks for signing in here on the guestbook. As you can see from the blog I had a lot more riding after I left you to get up to Canada, but luckily the good weather held. Thank you for the unique little purse- I'm keeping my US money in it while I'm over here.

Maybe we'll meet up on the road somewhere...

ride safe


Goodbye Tiffany!

I am so glad you came to Minnesota so I could meet you.  It was fun having you here.  Have fun in Canada!!!  Hope next time I will see you in England:-)



We met at the BMWMOA National Rally in Oregon and....

that was a follow up to our emails and phone conversations following BMWNA's introduction.

I was delighted to meet you face-to-face and personally confirm that Bob's BMW would be very pleased to play host later in the year in Maryland. Now that we've set that date of September 24 & 25 we can begin to invite other women riders, advertureresses (is that a word?) and male and female riding enthusiats to join us for some fun and the opportunity to hear about your exciting travels around the world on your BMW motorcycle.

We are just beginning to start our planning focus but we will do our best to create another fun filled day of meet and greet, activities and seminars that will be of value to everyone who joins us. For those who wish to travel a bit further we have plenty of hotels nearby, no shortage of wonderful places to dine in addition to some truly amazing roads to play on. Overnight campers are welcome to pitch their tents out back on the ample grass but be reminded that this is primitive camping as when we close for the evening so do the rest rooms. Our property can be ridden in and out of by motorcycle 24/7 and there are plenty of nearby fuel stations and 24/7 eateries to support this.


Bob Henig, Owner, Rider, Enthusiast

Bob's BMW



Thanks Bob

That all sounds really great Bob, thank you for inviting me, I'm pleased I'll get a chance to share my travel experiences and photos from Timbuctoo to Mongolia, Tierra del Fuego and beyond.

Do you also want me to do one of my bike picking up workshops for all those who may be interested in how I manage this feat with Thelma?

Look forward to seeing you agan


Met you at Mick's shop

Hi Tiffany,

 Dan here, I met you at Mick's when I stopped by on my red R100GS, It was an honor and pleasure to meet you, Sorry to hear of your troubles with the gearbox, I had the exact same troubles last year on my ride to Alaska, and had also just replaced my driveshaft with a new one just before the trip, I only made it a 1000 miles or so before I heard that wirring/screeching sound too, same thing, bearing went bad. So I'm thinking its possible that the tighter u joints in the new driveshaft were putting a strain on the old bearing. Hope you get it straightened out asap so you can get back riding. Take care.

Regards, Dan Moore


Let me welcome you to The

Let me welcome you to The Emerald City, aka Seattle! Unfortunately you've missed it in all of its rainy grandeur, you'll have to come back ;) What an unexpected pleasure meeting you at Mick Vallantine's shop, out of the blue like that. If I had my head on straight I'd have followed you to the pub and bought you a well deserved pint. Alas, I was preoccupied with my sticky front brakes, what a wasted opportunity! Safe travels Tiffany, you're the envy of every GS rider out there! These bikes are extraordinary vehicles, but its really about the amazing places that they take you! 




Hanging out in Seattle

Hi Brendan

Good to have met you and thanks for signing the guestbook. You missed a lively evening in the pub 9george and Dragon), but as consolation I hope you got your brakes sorted out.

Maybe see you on the road somewhere.


Best wishes


Welcome to Nanaimo

So glad to have met you. It reinforced the fact that a woman can travel safely by herself at the same time have a great time. It only makes my future  trip to Africa more exciting! Maybe an extension to the UK on the way home for a visit.


Many Thanks


HI Karen, Kevan, John and Cassie and not forgetting Ryan the slobbery dog,

Thank you for the great hospitality, it was lovely to meet you all and to stay in some comfort after my mad dash up from Seattle. It was exciting to hear your travel plans for biking through Africa, you are going to have a fantatsic time. Come and visit anytime in England.

Best wishes



BC Ferries

Hi Tiffany,

It was nice to meet you, I was the ticket agent in Tsawwassen on July 30th. Wish we had more time to chat, very busy day. I'm sure you're very busy, but if you'd like here's the LandCruiser blog I was telling you about...

I've always dreamed of motorcycling across the world, or even across a continent. I truly look up to you!

Enjoy your travels!





Ferry Prices

Hi Andrew

Thanks for dropping by - you can't imagine the relief I felt when you told me there was still space on the boat for my bike- I'd spotted the ferry full signs with a sinking heart and thought there was no way I would get over to the island in time for Simon's talk. I enjoyed the look of relief on your face when I commented how cheap the ferry was - the English Channel ferry is easily twice the price.

Stay in touch


Riding and Yoga

Hi Tiffany,

It was fun to meet you and have you join the Yoga session at the BMW MOA rally.  You were amazingly flexible and I hope it keeps you riding many more years with no aches or pains.

If you recall there were a couple gentlemen who were also practicing with me, and one of them who lives in BC, Canada has plans to do a cross-Europe trip. I would like to make an introduction to him via email so you can help guide him on his trip planning.

cheers and safe riding



HI Suresh

Thank you for the yoga for bikers session at the MOA Rally, just what I had needed after the long ride up there. Feel free to give the BC guy my contact details - I am always more than happy to help out anyone with advice, information or at the very least, let them know how I do thngs so they can decide

"I definitely don't want to do it that way!"

Stay in touch and if I'm on my way through California again I will stop by to say hello.

Alos tell the BC guy to check the website

as there is a motorcycle travellers' meeting in Nakusp, BC 12-15th August which he would enjoy, there will be a lot of bike travellers and would-be travellers there to share info and pick brains. It will be a great event.

In Orick

We saw your motorcycle on the road out of California at the gas station near Orick, wanted to say hello but couldn't find you and now discovered you through ADV Rider.

Welcome to the US


Bruce and Candy


Sorry you missed me- I was talking to some people about the bears in the area (my old nemesis). Thanks for tracking me down via the website.

best wishes


Good to have met you.

Hello Thumb Ninja,

Great meeting you at the Horizons Unlimited weekender, really enjoyed the presentation on Mongolia and of course the defence course of grab, twist, pull! I'm rather surprised you don't have a book out of your adventures?

Hope you have a wonderful time in the States and keep in touch.




It was good to put a face to the name as well. Glad you enjoyed my talk and the workshop. As for the book idea, well, there is one written, it's just a case of finding a publisher, so if you know of anyone in publishing, let me know.

When do you head off to Siberia? Good luck with that trip.

Safe riding


A wonderfull site

Hello Tiffany,

I've not had the pleasure of finding this site before now but thanks to Mr Manicom's chat I have found it of great use and very entertaining. I was sorting out the odds and ends of a Russia tour when Sam suggested that I should check your travels out.

I hope perhaps one day we can talk about your time in Russia and I may reap the rewards of your knowledge in that area.

Best wishes and ride safe


HI James Good to hear you've

HI James

Good to hear you've had the benefit of Sam Manicom's knowledge and experience. Anything I can do to help you with advice, information and contacts for a trip across Russia, just let me know. A British bike riding friend is over there at the moment - Ian Coates, the local bikers have been asking him if he's my dad!

Give a shout for any help

best wishes


Bom dia Marco  Great to hear

Bom dia Marco

 Great to hear from you and to hear that you ride a GS in Rio. I had a great time when I was there in 2003, though I did not meet any motorbike riders, I would love to return. So maybe one day I will be back...


ate logo



Welcome to Turkey, I have just met with you in Taksim Square and want to say how much I admire you and your story. There are many people in Turkey waiting for the film from your journey.


Yak Streets Back.......

Hi Tiffany,

Andy from "The Yak Street Boys" here.... I've just been reading your blog & it sounds like you've had a fantastic time. Glad you made it back safe & sound & amazing news about being featured by BMW !! I've gotta say though... you are an inspiration & thoroughly deserve the recognition for your adventures. Take care, it was lovely to meet you briefly & safe travels wherever you may be headed next.


Hello there, I'm marry,
can we talk, i will want to get to know you better ,
pls feel free and contact me at :
I am an easy going and understanding Girl.
I see friendship as a gift we give to ourselves
Talk to u soon .

Yak Street Camping

Hi Andy

We looked out for you in Ulaan Baatar and I know at one point Erdem met you guys on his bike. That morning after we had waved you guys off from the field where we'd been camping in Siberia, we found out we had a totally flat battery and had to push Thelma the quarter mile through the mud and dirt track out to the road to flag someone down for help with a push start. I can't believe we didn't check her before you drove off.

Thanks for the hot mugs of tea you guys supplied that evening. If you're ever in Cornwall, do pop in.




La France et c'est pour quand

La France et c'est pour quand en tout cas bravo pour les voyage c'est qui font rever et surtout Prudente Soyer



Hi Tiffany! Lovely to see you again. You look vibrant as usual! Just been checking out your website, with a cup of tea and a Yorkie bar, lol - how exciting! Will be keeping an eye on you!

Take care.

lots love,



The unfearnes of the world traveler

Now tell me why, after riding solo for the last 5 years, I have never met up with a young, hot, charming and single female rider of your kind?


Gionata Nencini



On the Road

Hi Gionata

Maybe because you're not going fast enough to catch up with any of them!

I really like your website and good luck with the rest of your journey - perhaps we'll meet on the road somewhere in the States when I go back to get Thelma.


Safe riding


greatest fans

Hi there Tiffany,   well done girl.   Karen and I have recently bought our BMW 650 GS bikes,  have done the road training, and now progressed to off-road training.  we love the bikes, we love the great outdoors,  and we love following your progress.   whenever your get to Sunny South Africa,  give us a call.   our home is your home.  would love to meet with you and introduce you to everyone here.   SO PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS.  when a person has guts and commitment (like you do) we call it VASBYT.  you have loads of VASBYT.   WELL DONE.  KAREN AND CATHERINE ANN

Meeting you at the Bike Show

Hi Tiffany

I've been watching your progress for the last six months and have been very impressed. I'll be at the MCN Bike Show as well on Sunday- I'd love to come and ask a few questions as I'm heading across Asia in 2011.

I'll come and find you on the stand. I'll be the one wearing a Triumph t-shirt with a silly haircut.

Best Wishes


Happy Birthday Tiffany

Have a great day wherever you are right now.


Paul G (BHT)


Thank You

Hi Paul and the rest of the UKGSer guys

thanks for the birthday wishes, I spent the day snowboarding in the Alps in France - fantastic.



Message from RCHT


Congratulations on your travels, I hope every thing goes well for the rest of your trip.

I am very impressed by the distance covered, keep well and let me know how you get on


David Hutchinson




Happy new year!!!

Hi Tiffany!

Espero que estés bien!! Feliz año nuevo!! Está lleno de aventuras y !!!!=) buena experiencia

Saludos desde México!


Pamela =)


Hola Pamela Muchas gracis por

Hola Pamela

Muchas gracis por los saludos y feliz ano nuevo a ti.

hasta luego



Happy New Year

Hi Tiffany

I think we may be your furthest-flung fans, reading your blogs and following your travels from Auckland in New Zealand. Thanks for keeping us entertained and we look forward to more in 2010.

When are you coming to NZ?

Helen and Luke


Warm foaming beer...!!

Hello Tiff/ Ian, are you likely to A; be reading this before xmas..??? and B; likely to be in the logan rock early xmas eve for a quick pint of foaming..??  if not some other time before you go back, cheers Mez.

Off to the Lizard

Hi Mez

Unfortunately I'm heading east before Christmas Eve, though only as far as the Lizard, for Christmas. We'll be back around Treen 30th Dec onwards.

Maybe see you then?

Nadelik Lowen


The new Colombian friend... Jorge

Hola Tiffany,

This is Jorge with the Suzuky V-Strom 650, the Colombian you ran into your way to San Cristobal de las Casas, MX on the middle of the road.

I just made it home (san Diego, California) after my 6 months on the road and 10 countries. I can not wait to be back traveling.

Good luck wherever you are, and you do have a place to crash in San Diego.

Congratulations for the nice website.

Chao and good luck


Hola Jorge

Hi Jorge

Great to hear from you - especially as your email details are in my missing bag so I can't contact you. I am sitting in the cold of an English winter thinking wistfully about the sunshine and warmth of Mexico. It was great to meet you in the road near Oaxaca and to hear about your journey up from Peru and hopefully we will be able to meet up on the road somewhere in the States next year?

Ride Safe





Тифани, радвам се че се запознахме и ми е много тъжно че си замина! Без теб пътуването ми нямаше да е същото!:) Надявам се да се видим скоро в Англия! Пожелавам ти невероятно пътуване! Благодаря за цялата ти помощ и се надявам някога да пътуваме заедно отново:) Прегръдки!!! 


Hey Kosta

Great to hear from you - many thanks for the Bulgarian lesson! It was quite an experience travelling with you and maybe we can travel together again one day. Stay in touch and definitely come and visit when you come through England.

Best wishes and Safe riding


A to the D buys G to the S


Adey has bought a GS!  He's a total convert.  Not planning to take it on the Knees Up, though (because he says they can't be ridden off-road - were you aware of this?).