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We saw your video. It's an inspiration


 My wife Autumn and I saw your video. I happen to ride a R80g/s and my wife rides a KLR650. We haven't ridden far, just all over the northeastern US and Canadian maritimes. We are both however preparing to take off and travel in 12-18 months and are in the process of making preparations to our lives and bikes. Do take a look at our website it is our foundation for keeping our followers updated and our travels funded. 

Keep safe, Bon Chance

Adam Paul and Autumn Birt

No map nomads


  I am santhosh from Mysore ,India ,its really happy to see your video....
all the best wishes to you,
if ur visiting India please contact for any help ......MY e-mail id is
with best wishes,


New commercial


I just saw the BMW commercial which features you and Thelma. Not quite as cool as travelling the world by motorbike, but a nice homage nonetheless! Touratech USA has a link to it on their Facebook page. You have certainly made quite the impression on everyone you've come into contact with! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 



Seattle, WA

New Year's Wishes

HI Brendan

Glad you enjoyed the video, maybe I'll catch up with you at South Sound BMW this year as Thelma is in Mexico and I need to come back to North America to fetch her.

Happy New Year


Merry Christmas

Hi Tiffany

I wish you a happy new year.

Somehow your route pass by Turkey especially Istanbul again, we would be very glad to host you and listen your stories.

Also for Turkey routes, terrains, gps datas, travel reports, ideas or for help you contact us anytime by mail or via

Merry Christmas and have luck on your journey to the world.


Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun

HI Oral

The number of fans I have in Turkey is growing by the day! Lovely to hear from you and thank you very much for the information, I like your website.

Best Wishes


Happy Holidays Tiffany

Hi Tiffany. It's great to see that you finished your journey and made it back save and sound. The Holiday season can be a bit trying when you have a loved one so far away overseas. With all those sandy beaches, palm trees, Corona on ice with lime. Lucky Thelma! And you get to snowboard to work. It's just not fair!I heard a rumor that Thelma is now RED.(Sunburnt). It won't be long and you will be re-united.You and your family have a very happy holiday and many more awesome adventures in the New Year.   Dave from Peggy's Cove

Christmas in England

Hi Dave

I'm wondering if you've got a layer of snow yet in Nova Scotia. Our snow has been and gone, but some more is promised. Is your bike put away for the winter? I haven't received a postcard yet from Thelma- too busy enjoying the high life I think!

best wishes and a merry Christmas to you


istanbul bisiklet motosiklet ihtisas kulübü

During your next riding in istanbul, we would like to meet your group and invite to our club garage for meal or drinks

and talk about moto adventures.

wish you all the best


I'd be delighted to meet up with your motorcycle club in Istanbul the next time I am in Turkey.

Ride Safe


Missed you in the USA!

Hey Tiff,

I keep bumping into you in cyber space but never quite connecting - long time no see/talk but great to see what crazy travels you've been up to.  Are you on Facebook? It would be great to reconnect - scary that the stories of recruiting you for the hockey team, drinking yards of ale, freezing in the flat etc. are now over 20 years ago - holy cow where does time fly?

Take care, thinking about you


Tracy Matthews (living in Bothell, WA, USA)

Wow Tracy

Fantastic to hear from you after all these years- get in touch via email, I am still on the same email address I originally got 13 years ago. Or click on the Mail Tiffany button at the bottom of the page, though apparently not all the messages get through- give it a try if you don't remember my email.

Hope to catch up with you soon.

best wishes


Traveling in comfort

I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your travels!   I am glad that we (Delta Air Lines) had the opportunity to upgrade you to business class in exchange for your willingness to volunteer to give up your seat.  I hope you enjoyed it.  You may not want to fly coach again!  Happy future travels on Delta or whatever mode you chose!  I will be sure to visit this site again!     




HI Donna Thanks so much for

HI Donna

Thanks so much for getting in touch and huge thanks to you and the rest of the team for getting me into Business Class. Before anyone thinks I've gone posh, I was actually given the upgrade as I had been the first to volunteer to be bumped off the flight out of the States. I think they might not have given me that treat if they'd had a good look at me beforehand as I was the scruffiest person at the airport. I was wearing my bike gear which has seen many months hard travel, not to mention scraping along the ground at 50mph when I had the high speed blow-out. Suffice to say I had a fantastic time in Business Class and many, many thanks to all the great staff.

Stay in touch Donna, I might well be back in Detroit. Have you watched the YouTube video?


Best Wishes


Lunch at the Shell staion- El Paso, TX

Tiffany, enjoyed talking to you about your bike & your travels today. (I was in the loaded down FJ Cruiser)

Safe travels hope to meet again on the road.


False Impressions

Your four-wheel drive with the Aussie number plates really had me fooled, I thought "Great some other foreigners travelling through" but then you opened your mouth and betrayed your New Mexico accent. It was good talking to you and to hear that when you saw my bike you thought of Lois - I emailed her to tell her I´d met one of her fans. Good luck with your plans for your Trans Alp bike.


Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll).

Hey Tiffany, we met you in Cameron, LA at the only store open since the hurricane.  We were the 2 couples on the 4 harleys.  Reading your guest book, at least we got to meet you in a good situation, and not in some time of emergency or mechanical issue.  It was great talking with you and I wish you well on your continued travels.  Your story is inspiring!  Thanks for sharing your website with me.

Scotty Menard

Cajun HOG Chapter

Louisiana Harleys

Hi Scott

It was good to meet the four of you, especially as I don't seem to have met many bikers ont he road lately. Maybe catch up with you when I get back to Louisiana one day.

Ride Safe


re accident

Hope all is well with you ,we seen you had a little accident and we were concern , I hope that accident wasn't cause by the tire we patch on the late saturday night on PEI canada , and hope you are doing well ,safe travels for the rest of the way , we can't say enough how proud we are of your accomplishments .


Clarence & Louise Harley Friends PEI canada

Acadian Riders

Hi Clarence, Louise and the rest of the gang,

Can you believe I have been off-roading wearing an Acadiana Dirt Riders' shirt? Yes, I am in Louisiana with the Cajuns and having a good time. Recovered from the accident and getting ready for Texas.

Safe riding


Natchez Ms

Hi Tiff ! Here`s Davi from

Hi Tiff !

Here`s Davi from Brazil.

Hope see you again here in S.Paulo.

I`d moved to a new home, near Morumbi Stadium in Donwtown.

Be safe.


Bom Dia

Hi Davi

It's good to hear from you again, good memories of meeting you and your friends in Patagonia and then visiting you all in Sao Paulo. I hope to make it back there one day.



Hi Tiffany,

I am wishing the best for you and your friend Donnaleen and your MC Thelma! I'm one of the paramedics that picked you guys up yesterday after your spill on 78. I'm hoping you have left our lovely hospital and I'm expecting that you were given excellent care? Please let me know if you guys are ok. I would have loved to have met you under different circumstances. Thanks for sharing your website with me, I'm sure I will be checking in often.  My e-mail address is and I also am on facebook. Great meeting you and I look forward to keeping up with your travels.

Stay safe


Paramedics on the loose

Hi Mona

Yes, we were treated well at the hospital, though three and a half hours on a back board was not pleasant. Thanks for taking such good care of us and for taking the photos in the ambulance. I've sent you an email as well, stay in touch.

best wishes



Adam- Paramedic

Great meeting you. Good luck on your travels. Too bad we met under those circumstances. Take care.

Letting the cat out of the bag

Hi Adam

Hello from Donnaleen and myself. I've now haad a couple of worried emails from people asking why a paramedic has signed my guestbook - yes folks I had a spill. Adam and Mona were the two paramedics who took care of us at the roadside and took us to hospital in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

More details to follow on the blog.


Thanks again Adam




Nice To Meet You in SEYMOUR, TN!

Hey Tiffany! It was nice meeting you this morning. Glad I could help you get your bike up and running again so you could head towards Nashville. I think your story is amazing and I will definately be keeping up with you! Have safe travels and take care.

Ginny Payne                                                                                                                                             




Another helper

Hi Ginny

Thanks so much for stopping and helping me the other morning, it was very kind of you. I had made the schoolgirl error of standing Thelma on a hill and then attempting to put the panniers on her while she was in neutral, which meant she rolled forward off her side stand and promptly fell over! Your assistance in picking her up and then the jump start was really appreciated.

Thanks again

best wishes


From the folks in Saskatchewan at the New Hampshire Info Centre

Hello again.  Hope your trip is continuing to go well.  It was great to meet you.  All the best in your travels.  Lois & Howard

Moose Jaw Folks

Hi Lois and Howard

It was good of you to share your maps and information about the routes across New Hampshire, it was a really pretty ride and I took the ferry as well.

I hope you had a god journey home to Canada.

best wishes


Debbie Cowboy Competition and fellow biker

Glad you beat the hurricane, good luck at Bob's BMW and safe travels. If you're ever back this way give us a shout.

Hello Debbie the cowboy

Hi Debbie

great to hear from you all the way up there in Baie Verte, where I expect it's a lot colder now than I am down here in Tennessee. I enjoyed the Cowboy Competition a lot and it got a mention on the Canada Blog. Please say hello to everyone else I met there and who I spoke to- all answeing my questions very patiently about the cowboy stuff.

Safe riding on horse and bike

best wishes



Great to meet you!

Hi Tiffany,

It was great to meet you this afternoon at the Maryland Welcome Center Rest Area on I-95 between Baltimore and DC.  Always good to encounter a fellow BMW owner, even if my Bimmer has 4 wheels and the other person's has but 2.  And I am still flattered to be among the few Yanks who've a) known where Labrador is and b) figured out from your bike's configuration that you are from the UK before actually meeting you and hearing your voice.  I'll make best efforts to come hear your talk at Bob's on Saturday -- based on your amazing blog I'm sure it'll be worth the effort!

Travel safely!

-- John

Thanks for coming to Bob's

Hi John

Many thanks for coming to Bob's to hear the talk and I hope you enjoyed it. Also huge thanks for your contribution to my safety on the journey and getting a replacement lens for my rear indicator which had melted. The new is still working well I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear. Now we just need to get you off your four wheels and onto two!

best wishes


big flood

Hi Tiffany, i 've just seen the the tracking where you are, nice ride. Did you avoid IGOR? Here it's a disaster , big big flood , the water came until the cabin!!!! just 2 cm before the door! so lucky for us but not everybody, some bridges are broken, some roads broken, no power in some city, and the highway closed here in Gambo, they fix it cause they afraid that the ill collapse to the look-out....!!! you left on time, hope you still have a great trip, Jeff is teaching me how to drive his old Yamaha bike cause my feet reach the ground ha ha!! yes yes yes xo

Hiding from Hurricanes

HI Myriam

Great to get the news from Newfoundland even if it is calamitous stuff about the extreme weather, it really does sound like I left the island just in time. And this has happened AFTER I sheltered from Hurricane Earl at your flat in Goose Bay.

Fantastic that you're learning to ride a motorcycle- next time we meet, we can go riding together!

Good luck with mopping up after the floods.

love from


Safe Travels from Pennsylvania

Hi Tiffany, it was great meeting you on the road on Weds outside of Fort Indiantown Gap. I hope you were able to make your destination safetly.  We discussed Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon) if you happen to travel that route you will simply continue to see some magnificant scenery.  All the best to you in your travels Tiffany. Safe Travels

Chris (Cigar smoking Bike rider)

A Non Rescue Person

HI Chris

Yes, it was a pleasure to meet you - a stereotype on your bike with your open face helmet, mug of coffee in its holder and cigar in your mouth as you pulled up alongside me whilst I was consulting my map.

I am now in West Virginia about to head down to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I got caught in that bad storm later that night after meeting you - I hope you weren't still out and about on your bike then.


Ride Safe


PS Thanks for proving that I meet people even when I haven't got mechanical woes!

Next Visit


    Let me know when your next trip will bring you to Pennsylvania. I have a local BMW dealer in Lititz PA and Id be happy to contact them to see if they would sponsor your visit. Take care and hope to see you riding our way.


Non rescue person

Hey Tiffany , it was a pleasure meeting you and I was glad that you didn't have mechanical difficulty. It's nice meeting different people on the road. I hope this note finds you and your ride safe and still riding. I must say your awesome and I truily envy you and your ability to travel. Stay forever safe riding Tiffany.

break down

Hi Tiffany:

Sorry your bike stalled on the Mazerolle Sett. Rd. in  NB,  but it gave me a chance to meet you and assist you on your journeyYour tale is incredible,  me and my family will be following your journey.  

Best Wishes Julia 

Another Thank You

HI Julia

thanks for getting uin touch and many thanks for your help on the road the other morning, it was great of you to stop, especially when you were on your way to work. The jump start was perfect and after that Thelma was fine for a week. I was lucky that you saw me.

Best wishes


PEI Harley bikers!!

Hello Tiffany,

We are glad we got to meet you in Borden last night, (Sept. 18th) and again today in Seven Miles Bay!  Glad we were there to help with your bike troubles!!  Wishing you a great trip from now on, hopefully no more incident where your bike leaves you stranded on the side of the road! LOL

We love your website, great job and can't wait to read more!!

Leona and Wayne Gallant

Rescue Team

Hi Leona and Wayne

Thanks again for all your help and being my personal road rescue team as well as leading me to magnetic hill - you were right, it doesn't really work on a bike, but I persuaded the occupants of the car behind me to let me jump in with them and try it on four wheels- yes it works!


thanks again

Safe riding


Remember the Cabot Trail!

Hi Tiffany,


This is Charles, who rode along with you from Argentia, NL to Truro NS.  Thank you for being part of your journey, and letting me be part of yours!

Soggy Cabot

Hi Charles

So you made it safely home to Toronto? That ride arounrd the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton was great, if a little soggy towards the end! Thanks for persuading me to do it, and for agreeing to act as my emergency starter for Thelma - just a shame that your solution for the battery didn't work.



PS I'll get the copies of the pictures to you when I get a chance to upload them


Prince Eduard Island (Flat Tire )


Hi Tiffany , We met you last night in borden PEI ,were some of  ones that help you out with the flat tire ,your and amazing and gutsy  lady ,we were so impress by your motivation and your stories about your trip  I told louise I could have listen to you  all day ,hope that your tire didn't go flat and hope you have a a safe trip for the rest  your journey .


 Love your website ! 

 Clarence & Louise

PEI Help

Hi Clarence and Louise

Good to hear from you and thanks for all your help, no doubt Leona and Wayne told you all about me needing to be bump started when they ran into me the next day!

I had a good ride with them out to Magnetic Hill - once they had started Thelma!


We get your message on the cell, it's ashame but we understand and i wish you a nice trip, see you anyway somewhere. You are welcome , it was nice to have you. xo