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who like's the new map?

I just update it (the map) and was hoping for people tell me what they think. click reply and tell me please.


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love the map, what program

love the map, what program are you using? 

love the map

the map is great .. helps to get my head around the distance and direction





It was a pleasure meeting you the other day.  Thank you for the sticker and stories we were able to share while your repair arrangements were being made.  I admire your spirit.  I look forward to your book and following you on the web.


Regards and safe travels,


Chicago, IL


P.S. I’m still leaning toward the BMW G650GS over the KLR. :)

KLR or 650GS

Hi Chuck

Good to see you found the website and thanks for signing the guestbook. It's a tricky choice between the two bikes, I guess you just have to get out on them both and see what you think.

Good luck with your motorbike travel plans.

best wishes


Running out of gas

 Hello Tiffany,

Glad to help you push your bike to gas station.

Hope your travels to chicago go well.


sun prairie wisconsin.


It's True!!

Hi Kurt

Many thanks for

a) Helping me push the bike when I had run out of fuel

and b) letting the world know via this website!

I promise everyone the full story will be blogged soon for all to hear, Kurt was an extremely useful extra pair of hands just as I had an uphill slope facing me.

Thank you


From the Littles

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for taking time from your boring life to come to our daughters' 5th grade Lacrosse game-- now that's excitement, isn't it?

Brett introduced you as an old friend, and I immediately thought to myself, "hmmm....I have no English friends...perhaps I would seem more cultured if I had one..."  Nonetheless, you didn't seem very old to me.

I digress.

It was fabulous hearing of your adventures, I should be so lucky to bump into you again as you travel the galaxy. I promise a rest spot  for you and Thelma whenever you wish (when the Cohns kick you out), and the offer comes with cold Leinenkugel beer.  Incidentally, Jacqueline has been trying to speak like you for 26 hours.

God Speed.

Steve Little, Prior Lake, MN

Lacrosse Tales

Hi Steve,

It was nice to meet you and Jacqueline at the lacrosse training and match. In case anyone reading this is getting the wrong impression, it was NOT me playing, I was merely a spectator, it's a great game to watch although there was some confusion amongst us as to some of the rules!

Next time I visit I hope to hear Jacqueline's perfect BBC accent myself!

Best wishes


 Hey Tiffany This is Stephen

 Hey Tiffany

This is Stephen aka rockydog @ adv, just stumbled onto your blog. I warned Birgit in San Francisco about you, referenced in message to ya, but she said 'send her my way'. She self published her book, 'ride the wild air' and could give you good advice. Also contacted another mate there,  petefromberkeley on adv, who did a 2 yr rtw on  same bike as yours. He and rtw Doug set up the foundation to bring folks from around the globe to tour the states, good stuff. He's been following you since the early days of Hubb.

Cheers, stephen

Bay Area People

 Hi Stephen

many thanks for taking on the role of Social Secretary on my behalf in the Bay area. I hope I'll be able to catch up with both Birgit and Pete.

best wishes


TYNDA's Burning Moto Man Rally

Hi Tiffany,

Great trips! Makes me jealous.

Looking forward to meet you at the rally


Moto Man Rally In America

Hi Stefan

I'm looking forward to that rally, Southern Oregon 24th June if ayone else is around then. I know I'll be catching up with some old friends I haven't seen for a while and hopefully getting a chance to ride the famous Crater Road. 

See you there.


Read them all

Hello Tiffany

I found your website not too long ago, through some means which I cannot recall, probably Horizons or FB. I just finished reading all your blogs. I too have the travel bug, though less adventurous as I drive a "lorry" all around the USA for the past 16 years. Have probably 1.5 million miles under the belt, but I haven't counted.

One day I will get a few monkeys off my back and set off on my DR650 on a trip, should be soon.

Will look for you and Thelma when you are in the States, if you see a blue semi honking madly at you, it may be me!



Female Truckers

Hi Kathleen

Good to hear from you- whereabouts in America are you based? I've been helped out by truckers many times during my travels over the years as well as getting plenty of cheering me on.

Maybe our paths will cross when I'm in America this year, I'll be criss-crossing the country a bit as I give talks in different locations.

I'll definitely look out for your blue semi.

Happy Travels


Write a book

Still folowing your adventure on ADV rider, aka: zepfan.


I'd be first in line to buy, if you ever write a book on all of your journeys.


Many thanks for the time you spend writing.


Hope I can ride in some far flung locations someday soon!

Book Stuff

Hi Zepfan

Thanks for the kind words and continued interest in my journeys. And funny you should mention a book, as I do actually have 70,000 words written about the first trip which was England to India. Now I just have to find an agent or publisher who would be interested in the editing and publishing of it. Any suggestions? With 100,000 plus hits on ADV Rider, there should be someone who can point me in the right direction.

I'm sure you'll get away on your own journey one day soon.

safe riding



If a bloke on a postman's moped [Dot] can do it I'm sure you could manage.




Try Amazon, they do publishing.  Don

Ladakh- India

Hi Tiffany,

Just saw your videos and pictures and I have become a huge fan of yours!!!

Some day I am going to give up this workaday life, pull the bike and go ... nowhere.. everywhere..

I did my first ride in Ladakh, Kashmir in India. I see you have not been there.  Its the most beautiful ride in India (If not on earth) .

Please do check it out someday. I am very sure you will love it.

 I wish to ride in Mongolia someday. 

 Hope we meet in our rides.

Ride safe.. Keep going



Hi Kaus

I've been hearing a lot about Ladakh lately and it is definitely a place I would love to visit and explore by motorcycle. I loved the months I spent in India, but even then I only scratched the surface of places to visit. I hope you do make it to Mongolia, that is another special country.

Glad you've been enjoying my journeys nd maybe we'll meet on the orad one day.

best wishes


Europe 1976

 I'm glad to have found your blog. For three months in 1976 (January, February, March) I traveled on a Suzuki bike through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Germany. That's just how far my money stretched... otherwise, I would have continued on. That was the first time I had ever been on a bike, and the last.

The BMW is a good portrayal of the same visceral feelings I had on the road. I loved coming over a hill, down into a valley of olive fields in Spain, and the amazing scent of that--something that Eurail travelers did not experience.

Be well,

Stuart Balcomb

Venice, CA

Road Trip


I've been trying to plan a road trip with my mates within that genral. We're debating on taking a car with a hard top or a convertible? What do you suggest? Also, I you can give us and advice on the route to take and sites to see, that would be great.


PS. If you can email me details, I'd appreciate it.Thanks in advance!

Kevin R. Akins - - Hire a Minibus in Brighton UK ---------------------------

Road Trips

Which area are you thinking about? An around the world trip or just one in Asia and back again?

Although I'm no expert in vehicles with four wheels, I think most people take a hard top car, van, landrover or whatever because of the extra security for their stuff inside. Howvere I'm not to talk about security as I crossed the length of Africa with a top box that was only held shut by a bungee strap!

I'll email you as well.

Good luck with your planning...when are you thinking of going?

Best wishes




Hi Stuart

That must have been an amazing time to be travelling, the roads would have been so much quieter and life at a slower pace. I am very envious. Did you never feel the urge to get back on a bike again?I know just what you mean about the scents and smells of the countryside,t hey are so much more intense on a bike.Maybe I'll catch up with you when I'm back in the States- I'll be doing a series of presentations.

best wishes



Keep riding!

Hey Tiffany!

Remember me?

I was your host for a night in Dublin :)

I was wondering where you could be right now so I popped in and updated myself with your latest news from the blog.

It seems like you're still having a great time, so what can I say...keep riding and have fun!

I hope we'll meet again one day so I can hear the story of this trip from you.

All the best.



Hello Dublin

Hi Alberto

Many thanks for the bed space for the night in Dublin - all arranged through I've been hosting a few more people myself lately.

Don't forget, if you're ever over here in Cornwall, there's couch space here as well.,

thanks again


soon to be fellow traveller

Hi Tiffany,

I just came across your blog today via the HUBB and was interested to read about Iran.  Four of us, one being my daughter, are going up through Africa, then east through Iran to end up in Singapore,  so every bit of personal experience is comforting and educational. We leave in January 2012.  I know it is a mission to keep an interesting blog going, but it really is fantastic to read.  Well done, and best wishes for the rest of the trip.

Mal (4 Bikes 4 Singapore) 


Hi Mal

I've been having a read through the blog on your website (by the way it's a really nice website), it sounds like it's going to be a great trip. I can see you're trying to decide the tent or no tent approach - I'm strongly in favour of having a tent but I know it doesn't suit everyone.

For me it basically means that if anything goes wrong or I've ended up short of my destination I can just stop and stick my tent up to sleep for the night without having to ride on in the dark, which is often a big risk to take in developing countries. However, many people don't take tents and still have great trips. The choice is yours.

Good luck


What do you reckon?

 Hi Tiffany

Looks like you're still having a great time. Its Chris G here from Porthcurno, when you're back stick your head around the door for a brew as I'm thinking about doing Enduro India and I want your view on it.

Back to work!, go steady matie and see you dreckly.




Words from Home

HI Chris

always good to hear from home. Enduro India is supposed to be a lot of fun, I'll pop round for a chat about it when I get back.



Long time no see

Hi Tiff


When are you coming home? We've missed you these past 3 years. Jess will be at uni before we see you at this rate! We want to come and see you in Cornwall this summer. Will you be around?


Fee, Ed, Charlie & Jess


Hello Oxford

Great to hear from you Fee and Ed, I've tried sending an email to your cottage address but think it has been bounced back. It would be great to see you all later this summer once I am home- just let me know when. Have you seen that Tracy in America has been in touch via this guestbook as well?

love to all


Turkish toll booth


Just read your comment about the Turkish toll booths. If you'd past through the exit without the card, you would have got a fine of about 35-40 euros. 10 euros is still expensive, nevertheless you saved yourself at least 25 euros.

For anyone following the blog and thinking of riding on the Turkish motorways, make sure you get an electronic card. They are available at most motorway entry points. Do not get on the motorway without one, the fines are calculated as 10 times the maximum fare on the given route. Ie, there is no fixed penalty, it depends on where you are.

All the best with your travels.

Toll Booth Blues

Thanks for the tips and advice about the tolls in Turkey. I wish I had heard about this before I got there. Our problem was that there was no information in any language other than Turkish and nowhere to buy the cards when we came onto the motorway.  another tricky thing is that in many countries, motorbikes do not have to pay tolls.

Anyway, I managed to muddle through this time, even with one of the toll blokes telling me to just sneak through the electronic auto gate, and ignore the police sat there!


We leave RTW August 2012 riding our F800 and F650 GS! So inspired by your travels. Hope to meet you on the road! Sara


On The Road

Hi Sara

what route are you taking? Hopefully we will meet up - it's surprising how many peole I meet along the way when I'm on the road.

The other night I was greeted by a "Hello Tiffany" when I was sat in a cafe in the middle of Uzbekistan. It turned out to be a couple of blokes from my motorbike club in England.

Good luck with your trip and stay in touch, I'll keep an eye out for you.



I ride the F650GS...your travels are inspirational.  Right up there with Lois Pryce & Steve Crombie.  Top Job Mate, Keep livin the dream :-))

Thank You

Obviously I know Lois - in fact she went to school with my sister, but I'll have to check out who Steve is. I trust it's flattering to be compared with him?!

Glad you'e enjoying my travels.

Hi Tiffany,

I haven't words to comment what are you doing but I want to thanks you for all!

You're giving me a wonderful dream!

Thank so much.




Fellow Traveller

HI Leo

I'm pleased you're enjoying reading about my journeys - it looks like you have made several of your own. Maybe we'll meet on the road somewhere, one day.

Ride safe



Hi Tiffany,

my complimet for your travels. you are my dream!!!

if you come near Gardalake contact me for one bier or one coffee or motoroil for Thelma. :-)

bye bye


Italian Fans

Hi Frederico

Do you know Miriam, the Italian woman who also travels on a BMW GS motorbike? I met her in Seattle last year when we were both on the road. My travels to Tibet this year will not take me through Italy unfortunately, but I will definitely be heading there at some point in the future. Ciao! Tiffany


Your Pretty Awesome!!!!!!


Traveling is the only way to explore and live life.. this world is to big to just sit in one place... you should write a book.. I will help write it :)

A Book

Thank you for the kind comments. As for the book, well I have 70,000 words written about the original ride to India. I just need to find a publisher, I'm always more focussed on my actual travels than on tracking down publishers though so it sits on the backburner.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Finding a publisher

Hi Tiffany,

There is a woman in Edmonton who published her motorcycle journey, 'Untamed Spirit'. Here's a link to her E-book; this might be a good publishing option.

Karen Howell




O.K. All I can say is "Now I want to go on a Globebuster Adventure"!!!!!!

Dave from Peggy's Cove

Wait your turn


The trip is full for this year - but take a look at their new brochure that has just come out for next year.


youre heading to larador

Bonjour Tiffany from quebec canada

Hi just got link for your web site,from one of our felow rider PatM at

we are a group of 5000 bikers

we live in Quebec Canada

send us a mail ( when your gone past in quebec we would be glad

to help you out for your journey in our aera(camping spot,room for the night,even an expresso etc,etc)

our club member live all around the province of quebec

Im a member in that club and would be glad to announce your visit on the web site

Just tell us your date of arrival and where are you gone start your journeys(wich airport)

Real fun to see a girl on bike doing what a lot of guys are not willing to do hahahahah

dont stop following your dream

Jac mont-tremblant Quebec

Rode Past

Bonjour Jac

Unfortunately that was last year I headed to Labrador- though I had some fine Quebecois hospitality from bike travelling friends in Montreal.

I'll be back in North America again at some point this year as I have to retrieve my bike, Thelma, from Mexico where she's currently being stored.

Maybe I'll get a chance to catch up with you and your club then. Ask your local BMW dealership about inviting me to give a presentation about my travels. In the meantime, I'm off to Tibet first!

best wishes