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hi Tiffany--I'm back home in Chapel Hill, NC, after my 4 months on Semester at Sea. I wanted to to say again how much I enjoyed my stay with you and Sam in Sept. As I recall, you were getting ready to leave then to lead a tour in South America. I'm wondering how your writing is coming and  how Sam is doing, as well. I expect to be returning in the next year and would like to stay in touch. I'm on Facebook, so please "friend' me, and my email address is

Cheers--Donna LeFebvre


Hello Tiffany,


I really enjoyed reading your blog a couple of times. I popped in a lot and finally decided to post to your guestbook. Pictures say more than 1000 words and your blog has a lot and really beautifull and impressive pictures. I hope you have a great stay at Ladakh.


Sincerly from Germany

Matthias Dumbeck

Met you in Manali at Ride INN!

Hey Tiffany,

Hope you remember me, we met in Manali at Ride INN. I knew very little about you then. But after I returned from my trip, I read a lot about you and your achievements in life. I must say that you would have inspiration to so many people. And to inspire is INCREDIBLE!

I am fortunate to have met you.

With kindest regards.


Hi Priyanka

Hello, and thank you for letting me share your room at Ride Inn, as a late, non-reserved arrival I was lucky you were hapy to share. It was great to meet you and to hear about life for young women in India. I'm really pleased your trip went well and hopefully that will be the springboard to new adventures.

Ladakh is a beautiful place to explore, especially by motorbike :)

I hope to see you again one day, somewhere on the road

Best wishes


HU meeting South Africa

Hi Tiffany

Would like to get your e mail adress in connection with our first HU meeting in South Africa, I'm Kobus Fourie the host and would like to chat to you maybe you not busy during 13 -16 November 2014 .Greetings Kobus

Good for you

 Somehow stumbled upon your blog. Fantastic. 

We are kindered spirits in the sense that a little leaguer can feel kinship with a major leaguer. I got a Triumph Bonneville three years ago at age 53.  I've ridden  60,000 miles around the US and Canada seeking peace, solitude, and adventure. It always comes in unexpected ways. 

Keep up the good work.



Cam  -you'll have to bring

Cam  -you'll have to bring your Bonneville over to Europe next! It feels strange to be referred to as a major leaguer, as far as I'm concerned, these are just my holidays and I take my motorbike with me. It's good to know that it can help inspire others, for me the main motivation is a deep desire to see the world.

ride safe



 Hi Tiffany!

Been following you around on some of your travels and I must say you are very inspirational to get my butt moving and follow my front wheel. Love your BMW, I have the big brother to her and love that bike also. Thank you for your ride reports and hope to meet you someday in our travels. 

Best regards, Mike

Fellow BMW Rider

Hi Mike

It's always great to hear that I may be partially responsible for getting other people out and about on their bikes. Hopefully we may meet up one day on the road - I seem to bump into people in the most unlikely of places.

Safe Riding



Simply great, nothing more to add´, BW from Austria -


Thank you

Glad you're enjoying reding and following my adventures. Tiffany


Have been following your "Mud"agascar Adventure. Cold beers are spirit lifters. Cheers.


I like the Mudagascar idea and yes, the cold beer at the end of a long hot day of riding feels like a lifesaver, or at least a lifting of the spirits. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

probando probando

Hi Tiffany!


this is just a test as I've tried to post without luck...

It's worked this time!

Thank you

Cyclists meet the riders

Hi Tiffany!


it was great to meet you in Soanierana-Yvongo on our cycling trip in Madagascar. We were amazed when we saw you ride your bike to the platform to board the boat! I did enjoy the quick cup of coffee we had together with your sister before we rushed to the challenging Vanilla Coast and was fascinated by your courage, determination and passion for life.


We managed to get to Maroantsetra after pedalling for 40 kms on the sand for 9 hours, being rescued and driven to Mananara at the back of a pick up truck full of goods, hens and sorts of stuff by a lovely family and then cycling our way to the city through the most amazing landscape. Masoala was everything we expected and had a great time there trecking in the rainforest, watching the lemurs, swimming in the beautiful beaches and enjoying the hospitality of the malagasis.


Your website is fantastic and it only gives you more thirst to travel more! I hope you are enjoying the trip and are managing to fulfill all your plans in Madagascar. I was a truly amazing trip for us and would love to meet some day to share our experiences. You are welcome in Spain any time!


Muchísima suerte y todo el cariño y admiración del mundo!


Inma, Yolanda y Mata, los tres ciclistas de Yvongo.

Great Adventure

Hi Inma

Thank you so much for getting in touch, it's great to hear from you and that you had a good trip. As you headed off on that ferry, all I could think was the hellish ride you had ahead of you in all that sand! How nice you got a lift and made it to Maroantsetra.

Did you see your picture on my blog?

Sorry if you had problems posting on the GuestBook - I'm not sure why it is so difficult, I htink it needs to be saved twice and then it gets approved by me or the webmaster- I know if we don't have the approval system that there lost of spam messages appearing all the time.

I'd love to catch up with you all in spain sometime, or if any of you come to England.

I am still in Madagascar, it is now even hotter and getting very muddy!

best wishes


wow.. cool

wow.. cool

Hello from Canada!

 Hi Tiffany,

I had the opportunity to listen to "Tiffany's Travels" that you presented during the 2012 BMW National Rally.  I am from a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to many women that ride motorcycles.  Personally I do not own a BMW but I do listen to many speakers regarding their travels and quite enjoyed hearing the storyline with the humour.

After listening to your story crossing Europe, Asia as well as Africa I have been talking about your story that begins with "I once met a lady named Tiffany."  As a part time job I instruct new riders and many are women that near the end of the day ready to throw in the towel.  I always say to them, please just give me until the end of the weekend before you make your decision.  Many thank me, as well many ask "what is that website you were speaking of."

At the rally we spoke briefly at the rally however you were quite busy fielding questions regarding Thelma.

Just wanted to say that I will continue to follow your blog and really enjoy all the stories that you have to tell.  Take care and keep up the great work that you do.

Safe travels.





I found your story and websit through BMS, Bill Mayer's website.  I just bought a 2010 BMW R1200RT but I need to get those feet a little flatter on the ground with a custom seat.  I am encouraged by your riding prowess and never-ending curiousity about the world.  Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you if you ever do a presentation at Long Beach BMW Motorcycles (Calif).  I had the privilege of a presentation by those other two bike adventurers, Lisa and Simon Thomas.   At 70, I think I'll feel very adventurous to ride to Florida...I know, it's not much by comparison, but it would be a major feat for me.  Any advice???  Thanks, Vicki

 Hi Tiff. Great site,

 Hi Tiff. Great site, fantastic journeys. Rode a 100gs myself with my wife in India for a few months when airheads were all you could buy. Nice to see you use such a simple beast, the modern equivalents look very unwieldy to me and so complex.

Would dearly love to read your travels in book form, such as that by Sam Manicom or Ted Simon, please do consider doing that as the book can be a more immersive experience than the click click of a website.


Hi Tiffany,

I just came across your web-site and am intrigued by your travel accomplishments. Best wishes to Ian for better health and also the best of luck in your travels.


Trekking in Nepal


 Hi Tiff!, I have been following you since saw your video on BMW TV. "I am from nowhere", great phrase. I think your story is great and you too because you are a simple and nice person who rides the world! peace!

Thank You

 Thanks very much for your kind words. My mum still hasn't forgiven me for saying that phrase, but as she isn't sure what county I was born in then she can't really argue!! It's always good to know tht someone thinks I'm a nice person. As for my travels, I feel as if they are simply my holidays where I always take my bike and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in these exploits.

Once again, tahnk you and keep following my travels.


Hi Tiffany,

Wow amazing all your trips. Hope to meet you on the road some day somewere :)

Greetings, Tobi

Hi Tiffany.

Hi. I'm a Korean who want to travel by Bike.

A few days ago. I read some korean women's bike travel story.

Yes, They are Tiffi and Chae.

It's very impressive for me, Helping traveller whom you didn't met before without any qualification.

How beautiful story~!

and so funny. the story , your talking with custom officer. ^ ^

Of course, you already knew it, they settled JuJu island ( Southest island in korea) and farming Mandarin orange.

I don't know them and even met before but I will oder some oranges before seanson-off.


Hope your wonderful journey keep going well and thanks for your kind to Korean females.

( It's like I'm a representing of Korea, Ha Ha but I believe you know what i mean)

Every day God with you.


Lee in Seoul, Korea.


Hello Korea

Hi Lee

Good to hear from you all the way from Seoul. Yes, I had heard that Tipi and Chae were living on the island and running a mandarin orchard- please do buy some of their mandarins. Everyone who met them in England misses them, especially me and my family. The help I gave them was nothing much, it's always good to be able to help other travellers.

I would love to come out to Korea to travel around and to see all the beautiful places there that I've heard so much about.

Best wishes to you





For an avid rider like myself who never seems to get more than a few hundred mile from home, you are a shining beacon of sweat stained leather and bravado.  Certainly you are only doing this to dare me into my own trip to Tierra Del Fuego and beyond, and I hope it will soon succeed.

I have been working for the last 18 months on a novel about a woman riding a 1942 Indian across the United States and she would have certainly drawn great courage from your stories.  When I find a publisher foolish enough to print words on paper, I promise to send you a copy.

I actually found your blog while researching a picture for the cover.

Keep riding,

Roan Poulter

Ogden, UT (Believe it or not, that's in the US)


Hi Roan

many thanks for getting in toucha nd I particularly like your comment "shining beacon of sweat stained leather and bravado", I can see that reappearing somewhere in one of my blogs!

I'd love to hear more about the woman on the 1942 Indian - was it during the 40's that she made her journey? Good luck with your writing and your publishing.

And by the way, I travelled through Ogden in the summer on my bike!

Best wishes


It's a current day story. 

It's a current day story.  Like my favorite travel stories, it's not so much the miles, but the transformative nature of solo travel.  We find her already travelling, then peel the layers to discover the unlikely story that put her there.  I just submitted to Amazon's Breakthrough contest again, we will see.  Maybe an Indie printing in my future.

Another question.  How do you budget for your trips?  Do you just credit card whenever possible to cut down on theft risk?  Travelers cheques?  American Express?  I am going to make the trip to Tierra Del Fuego someday and so I am curious how you keep enough gas money without painting a big target on your back.

in case you want to join

in case you want to join in..


Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Makin' lazy circles in the sky.

We know we belong to the land
And the land we belong to is grand!
And when we say
Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
We're only sayin'
You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!
Oklahoma O.K.







Thanks for that Stephen, was it compulsory that you had to learn that song before you could live there?

Adventure Party


It was a real kick to have you along with us in Oark and Sedalia. You are lovely and you inspire. Tell Thelma hello, and I thank her for the ride. I do hope our paths allow us to meet again down the road.

Until then.....Keep well, keep safe.


New York - New England

Tiffany, if you are heading out East to the New York or New England area, Lexie and I would love to ride with you for a bit. Lexie is an 8yr Old Yorkie that travels with me all over the USA. Here she is:


Safe Travels
Larry Jensen & Lexie
Yorktown Heights, NY

Dogs on Bikes

Hi Larry

Lexie looks so sweet, I'd love to meet her. I'll be at Hermy's the BMW dealer in Pennsylvania next Friday (27th) giving a talk about my travels, I won't have the opportunity to ride in New England as Thelma gets shipped home a couple of days after that.

best wishes


great to meet you!

Tiffany - It was great to meet you the other night at Bob and Phylis's house and to see your presentation at P&P.  I am so in awe of your bravery and lack of fear to follow your bliss... you inspire me!  Keep on having fun and riding as long as you can. 

Louisiana Hospitality

I've got a great photo of us all from that evening- I'll post it up soon! I really enjoyed my time in Lafayette and want to say thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, especially the Swamp Scooter Club.

HI from Utah

Hey Tiffany

So cool to talk to you in Wendover, UT. You truly are an inspiration and we shall follow your travels - how did your night on the salt flats go?

Be Safe


Canada eh?

you appear to be right next door to us..we are in Maple Ridge, BC.

Leslie S. aka advgrrls ;-)

bay area

Heya, glad to see you made it to the bay area, Tiburon is a very cool spot. Did you find a venue for your presentation? 

Enjoy a neat slice of California 

stephen in Okieland

San Francisco

HI Stephen

I didn't get a venue/date agreed in the end to give a talk in the Bay area. But I seemed to be very busy all the same with a ride up Mount Tam and going to a baseball game amongst other things.


Bear Lake Idaho/Utah


Thank you for taking the time to visit us at the cabin. Your travels are fasinating, hope you enjoyed Fish Haven.

Be Safe

Keith & Mary









Thank you for the sticker and

Thank you for the sticker and stories we were able to share while your repair arrangements were being made.  I admire your spirit.

paper writing

Thank You

Bear Lake was amazing, the pictures will be appearing in the blog. It was nice to do some non-bike activities for a change, walking, hiking and going out in the buggy thing.

thank you so much Keith and Mary.

best wishes


Adventure Summit, Grantsville, Utah

 Dear Tiff, all of us were inspired by your pictures but especially your story. Ride safe and keep in touch with us.

Bob McNary

Granite, Utah

Adventure Summit

Hi Bob

It was a great weekend at my first Adventure Summit- what fun it was. It was good to meet you and I'm glad you enjoyed my talk about my travels.

best wishes and ride safe


Boulder, UT

Hi Tiffany,

Always a pleasure to meet a fellow traveler! Follow your dream!


Hello Boulder

Hi Ace

thanks for coming over and saying hello at the petrol station. It was good to meet you and thanks for the offer of a shower, which I couldn't take up- I have since managed to have a swim in Lake Powell! You're one of the few people who has pointed out Madagascar on Thelma's map. I had a look at your website- what great photos.

best wishes




When and if you make it down to Arizona (Tucson)  would be cool to meetup and ride with you.  I belong to a couple of bike groups that love to ride also.   I would personaly like to hear your stories you have had while on tbe road.  The people you have met, the things you have seen. etc...

you can catch me on FB.

have a safe journey,



Hi Charlie

I don't think I will be making it down as far as Tucson. I head to Flagstaff next weekend for the Overland Expo where I'm giving a few talks. It looks like it's going to be a great event, I don't know if you'll be heading up for that? After that I'll be going northwards to Utah.

Maybe we'll meet up on the road somewhere.

best wishes