Y'all in Louisiana

Bob and John Cornell took over the tag team of leading Donnaleen and myself down to the wilds of Louisiana, a ferry over the Mississippi and along a gravel track following the levees, we missed the swamp somehow, but maybe that was a good thing. We were then treated to a whirlwind of social activities from dinner with the Acadiana Dirt Riders, caught up with old friends, went to a Cajun music thing, hanging out in the street drinking beer and wine - which is such a no-no usually in America and as a highlight I was introduced to drinking rum and docs - yes Doctor Peppers (that weird fizzy drink that Americans like) mixed with rum, which was actually a nice combination.

I know Phyllis is going to be shaking her head at my interpretation of the events - thanks for being such a great hostess once again Phyliis ( I last stayed with them in Quito eight years ago on my way through Ecuador).  My southern accent has been coming along nicely and is not quite as Brummie sounding as previously.

Hi Tiff

Hi Tiff,

Glad to hear that you are still enjoying yourself, keep up the good work.
Try not to do any more damage to Thelma, I have a sneaking suspicion who you have in mind for the repair job and I have loads to do on my own bikes.

Look forward to seeing you when you get back, I look forward to rum and docs in Cornwall.


Thelma Damage??

well, your house IS on my way home!!

I'm not even sure of they sell Doctor Peppers in Cornwall, but we can always try.

Have fun and enjoy the ride

Pleasure to meet you south of I-10, I hope your stay was pleasant and you enjoyed the smell of 2-strokes in the morning. I good detour from fresh cut grass on the road. Keep Thelma happy and be safe.

Drew Cornell

hello Cornell Jnr

HI Drew

great to hear from you- A shame you didn't get to off-road with us on Friday, we had a lot of fun, though it took me a while to build up my confidence on something so small.

 how did your race go last Sunday?



Docs? Is that British English for Doctor Pepper?

For what it's worth, Doctor Pepper is somewhat of a southern phenomenon, rather than purely American.

I see you finally saw the Mississippi River, despite the encouragement to do so from Robin and myself. I wanted to be the one to lead you over the Mississippi, as I have such a great connection to the river, but I'm glad you were able to experience it in such and up-close way.

Docs and Southern Comfort might make a good drink too, I ought to try it. If you'd had a little more time, we could have toured the Jack Daniel's distillery, not too far from Memphis.




just don't tell Robin that we did not follow her instructions and directions to the Mississippi before we left Memphis, we just couldn't face going downtown before we left for Graceland. I think we crossed it on the ferry from that place south of Angola.


Docs- I thought that was a yank name for it?

are Southern Comfort and Jack Daniel's connected? 

we might not have made it to the JD distillery but we DID go to the Tabasco factory! and Thelma has the sticker to prove it not to mention a handful of miniatures of Tabasco as well



Southern Phenomenon?

Dr. Pepper is incredibly popular here in the frozen north (Alaska).


Alaska Connection..

who is reading this in Alaska? and whereabouts are you?