Womble Route Planning

Taking a look at the map I saw I could go around the north side of Lake Michigan on big highways or...cross to Manitoulin Island and take a ferry to Tobermory on the southern shore - no prizes for guessing what I did.

Manitoulin also happens to be the world's largest freshwater island. The ferry was great - lots of people to chat to, a bar and a beautiful sunset as we came into the harbour at the other end. Thelma had prime position at the front of the ferry and so we were poised to be first off. Which, as always choosing her moment, Thelma decided not to start and the kind deck hands had to push us off! I got a jump start from the ticket booth guy and headed south down the Bruce Peninsula -which looks very pretty though it soon got dark.

I started looking for a place to camp and asked the guy at the petrol station about bears..yes there is a problem he said - my heart sank. But when I quizzed him further using my personal bear problem scale from one to ten

1=seeing bears

up to 

10= bears killing people

It seemed that actually this was a 3-4 rating of bears going through rubbish bins in certain areas. Making a mental note of the names of those areas, I rode onwards, finding the corner of a field to set up in.

Morning brought a rainstorm so I dug out the waterproof socks and the heated jacket and gloves, resigning myself to rolling up a very wet tent. Everything went according to plan (what plan??) and I got to Toronto in time for lunch - a special birthday lunch for Peter a long-standing family friend - I was the surprise guest.

I've now been here in Toronto for a couple of days being spoilt with good food, great company and good wine- the late night vodka lemon drinks as night caps were a bit of an eye opener. Donnaleen, Peter, Katherine and Elizabeth have all known me since I was nine and have followed my bike travel exploits with interest.