What happened to flirts instead of fines?

I was pulled over by the police here in Ukraine yesterday, as usual, I quickly took my helmet off and give them a nice smile. However I can tell I'm not in Latin America on this trip when they actually persisted in trying to get dollars from me. A bit of a shock to the system -police who are more intent on extorting than flirting - sometimes I yearn for the Latino way of things, as I had to stand there for 30 mins acting nice but dumb about the whole question of handing over money- although I did have some virtually worthless Romaian lei in my pocket ready to fob them off with.

In the end they just gave up and waved me on - and my crime?? Apparently all vehicles HAVE to stop at the Stop sign and not next to the police who may be standing 10 yards past it flagging you down.

I cannot believe that they

I cannot believe that they were not won over by the smile!

Always worth a try

Seems the Ukraniane plod have taken a leaf out of the Canadian's books. My friend's husband got stung over identical circumstances, and he should know better - he IS Canadian! Bet he didn't try any flirting techniques.. Better luck next time girl. x