Waiting for DHL

The rotor has gone on the alternator- this had been recently repaired but has now gone again and so currently I am waiting for DHL's finest to deliver a replacement rotor to me as quickly as they can.


In the meantime I am getting on with all those jobs that have been waiting to be done for a while. I have managed to track down some shock cord and have repaired the broken tent pole - it had snapped during the sandstorm in the Gobi. Since then the tent has been a bit of an odd shape and probably wouldn't have stood up to the snowy conditions in Siberia.I have updated my route on the map painted on my top box- the gap that was Russia and Central Asia now has a satisfying line of dots across it.

I have washed every item of clothing I possess to get all the desert dust out of them, I had almost forgotten the original colour of my t-shirt.

I am staying in a small hostel close to the town centre. A variety of backpackers are staying including a Slovakian guy who I had a big argument with before I had even moved in! This was because when I turned up the hostel owner was out, the door was locked and no-one answered the door when I banged on it.

 I settled down to wait with all my bags, tyres and bike gear piled up in the entrance area (the hostel is in a flat). Anyway after waiting 45 mins a bloke came out of the door- the same door that I had beenbanging on as well as calling out "hello", he completely refused to let me in as he said he was worried about his personal stuff in there - I offered him my passport and travellers cheques/money as a sort of guarantee but he wouldn't have it and stalked off slamming the door behind him - leaving me sat in the doorway for three and a half hours until someone else came back.

He is most definitely NOT my favourite person in UB.