Ukbei Visa Issues

I have been informed that the Uzbekistan Embassy in London is not happy with my visa application...



Apparently they feel there are some discrepancies(my whole life is a discrepancy according to my Dad)- not sure what the Embassy could be referring to as I think I have managed not to tell any lies, and actually haven't mentioned that I'll be travelling by motorbike (as some countries are a bit precious about women doing this sort of thing). The visa company tell me I have to wait for a call from Mr Sultan and that he will probably summon (their word) me to London for an interview. As that's a return journey of almost 700 miles, I'm keen to not have to do that, but I'm ready to jump thorugh hoops if it means I get the visa.



Fingers crossed that I get it sorted out - and get it soon as I have only two weeks left until I'm supposed to be on the road and I still have another two visas to get in that passport..time is ticking away.

Hope it's sorted soon. Have

Hope it's sorted soon. Have you found someone to ride with you yet?And also...I was wondering, you haven't said a huge amount about any accidents you've had...well, you've mentioned what happened but have you ever seriously injured yourself?


We have had quite a lot of falls, in fact I have the reputation of dropping my bike more than anyone else in the bike travelling community - and most of that was in Africa. The main reason for the drops and falls is because Thelma is one of the biggest bikes on the road less travelled and I am one of the smallest people to be riding her - tiptoes to reach the ground. Then add the fact that we were two up all the way with the extra luggage that this entails and it was an extremely heavy load to negotiate across rivers, through sand, deep mud and all the other challenging conditions that Africa had to throw at us.




We kept going regardless and somehow against all the gloomy predictions from others we made it through. As for accidents where we've been injured, I broke my ankle in Romania (but didn't find out it was broken until 10 months later) and was unconscious in Namibia after our accident in the desert there- apparently I looked so bad, Maggie thought I was dead.

Did you remember what

Did you remember what happened when you woke up?!

memory loss???

what memory loss??

actually, no, I could remember riding through some deep sand thinking this is getting tricky (especially when Maggie fell off the back!), then I remember nothing until 40 mins later and I was sat on a bus. Long story about why there was a bus in the Namibian desert - possibly one of the most remote and deserted places on the planet.


On the positive side though, because I have no memory of coming off the bike, then I have no trauma about it - unlike Maggie and consequently I had no nervous moments getting back on Thelma and continuing through the desert. However Maggie is scarred for life about riding through sand and will now get off and refuse to ride through it - she will just about go pillion but that is it - no riding. It was a bit unfortunate for her to be the conscious one in an accdent like that when we were only 5 days into our 9 month trip across Africa.

If you were on a bus where

If you were on a bus where was Thelma...on the bus too?

that was the weird thing

that was the weird thing about my concussion - I didn't even think or ask about Thelma - she was just left by the track in the desert - no worries about thieves as there are literally almost no people in that part of Namibia.

Maggie went back later with a farmer, some blokes and a pick-up truck to collect her.