Turning Japanese

feeling surprised when the toilet seat is not heated

able to use chopsticks for small items

bowing at everyone - even the roadworkers as I ride past

obeying the pedestrian lights when on foot in the towns

using a vending machine to get a hot can of tea in the morning

taking shoes off when entering every building - including the castle I went to look at and having to carry my bike boots through all the rooms

"Konichiwa" springing to my lips more readily than hello

eating some very strange looking food






Tiff I was sat pondering the


I was sat pondering the other day....... I think one of those heated toilet seats would be very useful.

Best wishes

Ian x

turning Japanese

turning french - drinking my own body weight in coffee every day and swearing at drivers!

am really enjoying the thrills and spills of your adventures, keep it up girl!

Lots of love,

Lucy-Jane xxxxx

French life

Hey Lucy

good to hear from you- croissants and pain-au-chocolat to go with all the coffee as well I suspect.

Good luck in Strasbourg