Turkmenistan and Blazing Craters

We were supposed to be having a rest day today and I was going to spend the day updating my blog and photos which have been seriously neglected, mainly due to a lack of Internet WiFi connection in Iran and Turkmenistan. However the border crossing ahs been closed at short notice and we've got to take a longer route so the rest day is going to be a riding day which means this will be half a blog with more details to follow.

The huge flaming gas crater at Darvaza in the Turkmen Desert was amazing - a unique sight. We were camped in the desert , I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by the bike camping experience, though the soft sand to get to our camp-spot was not so pleasant, there were a couple of falls. Not me luckily.

More to follow.


We wonder which border crossing was closed? Crater is good ! Nina