Turkey and its Wildlife

It began with a tortoise crossing the road, naturally I screeched to a halt, took a photo then picked it up to carry it across. At which point I had the brilliant idea of taking a selfy with it (for those who don't come into regular contact with teenagers, a selfy is a self portrait photo taken at arm's length). By this point Tommy the tortoise was getting quite annoyed, scratching and hissing loudly, in fact it was a struggle to hold him in one hand, I wisely decided to keep my helmet on to protect my face and then held Tommy up in one hand and with the other held the camera and clicked a couple of shots, at which point the tortoise lunged forward and bit the camera. He'd obviously had enough of this impromptu photo shoot. One more picture for luck and then I carried him across the road and set him free.

Later that day I had a couple more close calls with the local wildlife when first a couple of low-flying storks swooped over the road as I rode past, it felt as if their trailing legs were going to hit me. Then a bee gotin my helmet and proceeded to sting my face.

There are the usual goats, donkeys and cows straying into the road, usually being pursued by someone with a large stick, who then waves the stick enthusiastically at me, inwhat I'm hoping is a friendly manner. The further east we went, the colder the weather became and there were reports of 10 cm of snow falling in the city of Erzurum. A place we would have to pass through. I already have my Gerbing heated jacket switched on so I'm not looking forward to snow as well.

biting animals

ha ha funnt turtle story like it!  Not the bee though, I got stung last night bager watching in our woods, legs like a bit hot chilli now...think was horse fly....didnt see baders but basking sharks are showing and bottlenose dolphins too at Lands End

Well I hope you are enjoying Iran, take care, and best of luck with your trip

Kathryn n Tiger n Tim xx in that order!!