Traffic in Tokyo

One of the world's largest cities and definitely the most crowded lay ahead of me- not a prospect I savoured as I made the most of the final mountains to lead me into the city from the west.

Fortunately Chris had supplied me with a google map of the location of his friend Kawai who had vaguely extended an invitation. And for once, the map worked out well and I have found myself staying on the floor of a photographic studio sharing the space with a trials bike, a vespa, a 250cc Honda and a GS (not Thelma who had to wait outside). Kawai has travelled by bike extensively and spent five years on the road riding across every continent, we have compared maps of our routes and seem to have covered almost the same countries.

 I have been busy in Tokyo- making destination decisions, dealing with shipping agents, preparing Thelma for shipping as well as deciding what can be discarded from my luggage as I found out the shippers will not allow any luggage on the bike- looks like I will have a lot of baggage on my flight including my over-sized pizza delivery-style top box.


The upshot is that Thelma will be going by boat to Los Angeles - yes, we are crossing the Pacific and hitting the coastline of America as the next move homeward- mainly because there is no way I am going back through Siberia with all the snow that has been falling there lately!

Say Hi to Kawai

He's the guy who did a photo shoot of us back in 2002 for 'Back-off' magazine.

Simon and Georgie

It's good to hear that you

It's good to hear that you met up with him as well. He is currently doing a photo shoot of a Honda, but I'll be seeing him later and will tell him. 

We thought we had exhausted all possible "do you know" people from Wolfgang at Charlie's Bike Shop in Cape Town to Jorge at the Viajero bike travellers' place in Argentina.