These Boots are Made For...


Taking my guiding responsibilities seriously, I have been looking at getting some new boots. For those of you who are seasoned Tiff watchers, you'll be aware that I usually wear sturdy leather walking boots on my feet when travelling. They stand up well to the rigours of bike travel and are comfortable for the walking and hiking I do when off the bike. Not to mention the drop kicks on un-suspecting would be lotharios (but that's another story). Having studied my route and looked at the road conditions we'll be encountering, I've decided that I had better wear something with a bit more protection and have decided on motocross boots. As I don't want to damage an ankle and ask the whole group to wait for a few days while I recover. More reminiscent of the footwear favoured by Star Wars Stormtroopers than anything else I have been attempting to find some which fit me and from the vast range available, some which are suitable for the journey.
This is easier said than done as I live in a fairly remote area and very few bike shops stock these cumbersome boots and certainly not in a  range of ladies' sizes. Having searched fruitlessly for some to try on, I resorted to attending an off-road Enduro race at the weekend with the sole aim of finding suitable footwear. Instead of studying the racers for their riding style, my eyes kept being drawn to their feet. At last I spotted a suitable rider, not too tall and who not surprisingly it turns out, goes by the name of Dinky and also has the same size feet as me. I rushed over with the unusual request of  "Excuse me, can I try your boots on?" As he'd just completed a three hour enduro, he was particularly surprised at this request, but handed over his sweaty footwear without question. I gingerly tried them on, and, feeling somewhat Cinderella-like  I announced "They fit".
So look out for me next month, I'll be the one stomping around central London wearing in my Stormtrooper boots.

What boots...?

I have made great experience with my SIDI Adventure Rain boots. Good protection, waterproof, no zippers and OK for walking around.

Safe travels,

Thomas (aka T.REX63)

such a coincidence...

I just got some TCX Infinity that were rumored to be quite waterproof (Gore-Tex), but they are quite low key, not the Stormtrooper glamor, you see... Let's see pictures of yours, or it didn't happen ! :-P