There was Something Big Outside my Tent

I woke up early yesterday morning on the west coast of Newfoundland near to the town of Cow Head. Something had woken me and I couldn't work out what it was. Then I heard it again, it was something big and it didn't sound human as there was a clumsiness to it.

I lay there thinking through my options, which, to be honest were somewhat limited. I had left the tyre levers on Thelma for the night so had no handy weapons, but I did have my bike helmet in the tent with me so I'd at least be abe to protect my head. Eventually I decided to look outside, hoping it wouldn't be a bear. To my intense relief there was a huge moose standing next to Thelma, eating whatever moose eat.

By the time I'd dived back inside to grab my camera (and remove my helmet), the moose had moved away but was still within picture shooting distance, and obligingly stood there for a short time before ambling away.


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Something outside my tent

From the first paragraph, I am presuming you were excluding your brother Olli!!

who said that?

Good to see that people are reading my words - but shame on you, slandering the most accident prone person I know.

Something big outside your tent!

Hi Tiffany,

Hopefully you learned some bear avoidance/how to's in my little presentation at the Horizons meeting in Nakusp this summer!

Wishing you safe and wonderous travels lady.

Nevil.........the Brit that does the bear talks. 



I absorbed every word and went away scared! I must admit though, having asked around, it doesn't sound like the bears in Newfoundland actually kill people so I'm not as worried over here as I was in the west of Canada. Funny I should get a comment from you as I just met a couple from Canmore outside the front door here in St Johns- they're on a cruise and were admiring Thelma parked out front. They were pretty impressed to hear that I had passed through their town on my way here.