Thelma's Illegal Status

Thelma has a 12 month entry permit for America, as this is soon to expire I needed to get her out of the country and Mexico is the nearest border, however as they only give permits for a maximum of six months, I needed to get her into the country on the sly. Which I achieved successfully. I stayed at Shelly's house in Cocorit, thanks very much for hosting me Shelly and Alfonso even if you weren't there to actually meet me.

I have parked up Thelma in their living room and I'm pleased to report that she currently has NO oil leaks, for those who know Thelma, there will be gasps of amazement at this statement. I've become firm friends with the guy who runs the open-air Tecate beer stand 100 yards from the front door- it's the perfect way to buy your beer, I can ride right up to his counter and get my take out Sol. He is also my main source of information for the whereabouts of the post office and the bus station...why am I enquiring about buses I hear you ask.....?

Ah, the story's coming out!

Ah, the story's coming out! Can't wait to hear it. Congrats on the nice flight!

Love, D