Thelma stars in new BMW advert

An eagle-eyed friend has just sent me this link to the new BMW advert on You Tube, unusually it features cars and bikes, well actually just one bike and it´s Thelma. The clips of Thelma and me are taken from the BMW documentary filmed in Turkey and is due to be released in December.

The only woman to have ever

The only woman to have ever upstaged the lovely Sabine, absolutely splendid!


Wow thats fantastic at last

Wow thats fantastic at last recognition you deserve. Your both stars Tiff you and Thelma. Raven.

You Rock!

You Rock!

BMW also make bikes

Thanks for that

Have you noticed that on the YouTube page, all the viewers´s comments are about cars?

I can see a few more now.

But I'm not sure if people will know that Thelma is the bike. Excellent to see you out and about and thank you for the blogs. Keep the adventure going mate.



Awesome Clip! Can't wait for the documentary!

Hey Tiffany!

I just watched the youtube clip. Very cool!! Can't wait for the full documentary to come out!

It makes a person want to jump on my bike and take off around the world too.  

Unfortunately the weather up north here is starting to get bad and my bike is soon headed for winter storage. I see you made it to Mexico, don't get too sunburnt. Have a safe trip back home for the winter. Let us know what you are up to next year. If you get up in the north-east next year maybe I'll try and make it to one of your meetings.      Cheers   Dave from Peggy's Cove.

Wow Tiff ...

... loving this and looking forward to seeing the documentary in December.

Take care of yourself, have a safe trip and keep living those dreams, glad you found Labrador

Best wishes

Duchess (Karen) x