Thelma - my 1992 BMW R80 GS (an 800cc bike for the uninitiated). The amazing bike which has carried me and various friends around the world. I have complete faith in her to get me through or out of any situation, whether it is the horrendous mud in Ethiopia or being pursued by angry Mafia in Nicaragua. I use the BMW hard cases because I can cram so much into them.

BMW R80GS 1991

 Hi Tiffany,

I found your amazing site via the BMW Motorrad Facebook page. I have the same bike, also in black and yellow and am also completely fond if it. 

I especially like your blog entries and pics from Ethiopia as I grew up there in the sixties. Would love to go back on my bike....

Greetings from Munich Germany


your bike

nice bike:) i like BMW:) i would like try something like you...