Thank You to East Coast Marine and Industrial

These guys run a welding business in the Port of St John's, Newfoundland and were extremely helpful with Thelma's broken pannier rack. They did a beautiful welding job on it - having first chuckled at the Siberian welding that was already in place, they also did a nice paint job, so that side of Thelma looks quite presentable now. 

Then, having re-connected the battery and got going, I realised I had missed one of the cables which was supposed to be attached to the battery. The welding team encouraged me to do the bravest thing I've done all trip - I actually undid the bolt on the positive terminal while the engine was still going (complicated reasons for why we didn't want to switch off Thelma's engine) and re-attach the loose cable. For anyone who knows me, you will know that I am paranoid about getting an electric shock off the battery so this was a real fight against the fear- all with a bunch of people watching.

Many thanks to Cyril and the team, even Pat! And an extra thanks for giving me a push start down the road to get Thelma going!