Techie Stuff

As I come from a family of non-bike riders; my brothers and sisters never seem sure what model of bike Thelma is, and my sister has even been heard on numerous occasions to say that "Tiffany rides a BMX bike". So I was surprised when my brother mentioned at the weekend that he thought I should have a page of techie info about Thelma on the website. I thought he may have turned into a closet anorak-type, but apparently it's because his friends and colleagues want more bike info and have ben asking him awkward questions about Thelma's engine, he was hoping for an easy answer of "check the website" rather than have to admit his ignorance.

Techie Stuff

Here is some ideas, (not just Techie):

Bike modifications, tire brand and sizes, tool list, spare parts, comfort items, performance items...

Bike limitations.

Equipment list.

How to pack.

Clothing list.

Equipment choices and why.

Equipment that failed and would not use again.

Food and drink supplies.

Any bike traveling tips.

Ride on,

What interests me is the

What interests me is the number of brothers and sisters you seem to have! How about a Biography section? The techie info is a good idea though for those who'll understand.

The tribe... always sounds like there are hundreds of us, but actually I've got two brothers and two sisters - we're often noisy enough to be mistaken for hundreds though. We’re pretty close and all get on well. As for a bit of a biog, well, my Dad was in the Army and so we grew up living on various army camps around the world and in different parts of England. I think that the travelling childhood (we used to move every two years) is the cause of my itchy feet and my desire to see more of the world.

Techie Stuff

Sounds like a reasonable request to me.

Ride on,



Yes, I suppose it might well sound reasonable, it might also mean I have to do some research! What can I say about Thelma? From a female point of view, she is 7 feet long, 3 feet wide and the last time I weighed her (with no luggage and an empty tank) she was 36 stone 2lbs in weight (230kg or 506lb for those who don't get the archaic British weights system).

Actually I’ve just had it pointed out to me that when the pictures are viewed – you don’t get the full caption and info that goes with each picture unless you click on the actual picture title underneath it – apologies and I shall try to get Marcus (my webbie bloke) to sort this out.

Torch, I will dig out more techie stuff for you- what do you think should be written?