Succesful Sputnik Search

A bit last minute but a sputnik has come forward to join me on the journey (sputnik meaning travelling companion in Russian- apparently). Out of the blue, someone I haven't seen for 10 years has emailed and within four days of email has booked a one-way ticket to Uzbekistan- now that's commitment. Ann has limited bike experience (except on the back of Ron Haslam) and I'm not even sure if she has camped before but she is fantastic company. She is too short to ride Thelma but a perfect pillion companion with a great sense of humour and a good line in sarcasm.


As those who read the blog are aware, there are quite a few mishaps and risks that clearly come under the heading - "Don't tell my Mum", well, Ann is actually one of my Mum's friends and so may well be reporting directly back to her, doesn't look like I will be getting away with much on this trip.

For those who like the biog details, Ann is 58, her husband Terry is a pilot and they have two grown up children - James and Emma. Ann is originally from Kent though she currently lives in Hong Kong but has flown back to the UK to sort out her visas and get a new passport - the visas are rapidly filling the pages as I speak. She can't join me for the first few weeks due to family commitments, and is ready to take the gamble of a rendezvous in Tashkent.

Your Sputnik

Sorry, Tiffany, but you've started badly as Annie is not as old as you state but she is "over 21"! An apology might be in order that you don't have 6 weeks of earache from her over the intercom.
My pals here in Hong Kong seem to think I've got away with murder by buying a oneway ticket for her to join the trek in Tashkent. As for flights out of Ulan Bator, I've got no idea!! I know she'll be in good hands, just beware she might try to smuggle contraband (hairdryer, tongs, make-up etc.) onto Thelma!! I've suggested that she camps out a few nights in our back garden in Poole as she prepares for the trip - unfortunately her answer was not printable.
Before she joins you I'll be trying to show her how to take a few photos, so that there is a good pictorial record of what should be a real adventure.
Good luck with your final preparations!

So when do you leave?

So when do you leave?

Stay out of Trouble

Guardian Angel, Chaperon, or friend, either way sometimes it's just more fun to have someone to share a ride with. Also, another camera hand may make for a better documentation of the ride.

Ride on,