Street Children in UB

Yesterday I visited the Christina Noble Children's Foundation- a charity that I have been raising money for - a very sobering experience, meeting some of the children they help and hearing about what some of them have been through, there seems to be quite a bit of child abandonment here - one boy was put on a train and his Dad jumped off again leaving him on it alone heading to UB.

The charity runs a ger village for kids who are abandoned or orphaned and they also work with the street kids who live underground in the pipework system during the winter when the temperature can be -40 degrees centigrade for days on end.They use the  manholes to gain access and only come out for a few hours during the day to beg and try to get food.
There is also quite a lot of rickets- which now that I have seen what it looks like, I have been seeing various adults with it out and about- apparently it is due to the poor diets that many people have as children.


If anyone wants to help out the charity- there is a link above under "Helping Children"