Stopped by a mountain

We have been camping out in the montains close to the Chinese border. I had hoped to make it to the hot springs near the summit but admitted defeat on a particularly nasty stretch of boulders, loose rocks and a river running down the track that I had to go through. So we camped by the side of the river- I was reassured by the fact that the locals assured me they had never seen a woman on amotorbike so don't feel I have let the side down.

In fact they were treating us as a tourist attraction and coming to our camping spot to inspect Thelma and chat to us, the chatting being a bit limited, but lots of pointing at the engine and me writing relevant figures in the dust on Thelma's tank - usually maximum speed, how far from England to Kyrgyrstan and how much did Thelma cost.


For once there was a lot of wood around - it looks like the Alps round here - green valleys and forests of conifers, so we collected driftwod and dead branches for a fire - which was welcome at 2500metres as yet again it was a chilly night. still trying to find a happy medium between cold mountain nights and warm, insct-filled lakeside nights.


So, is Annie still talking to you?

Can't help wondering if she's keeping a blog too. No doubt it would read something like this... "I’m beginning to suspect that there’s a lot that I’m not being told or warned about as every so often Tiff has a certain look on her face, a bit like a forced cheery grimace. I saw it again a couple of days back heading for the high altitude snowy border crossing but I don’t know what the secret was that time as getting through seemed very straightforward to me. I’m a bit of a saddle sore pillion but I won’t let on. So game for a laugh, I thought a horse ride through walnut forests would make a lovely change. My arse that was a mistake - they stuck us on wooden saddles! Ooh I got a bit of satisfaction from seeing Tiff suffer too but I think she had the last laugh later when I took up another horseback opportunity. There was this massive torrential river strewn with glacial rocks the size of apartment blocks and I wasn’t backwards in coming forward to take the alternative crossing on a specially trained chestnut stallion, leaving Tiff to lead Thelma through the boulders and raging white water. A good decision, she pulled it off with her usual expertise and I got across safely,demurely and without incident. That’s all from me for now, we have a few hours R&R time and I’m just off to lie face down for as long as I can and dream about the next mashed spuddy dinner."
Of course, it could just be my over active imagination... Happy riding!

Silence from the pillion

I'm a bit worried that Annie's blogs would look and sound like that - she does seem to write quite a bit in her emails home and her husband is threatening to come and meet us in Ulan Bataar so maybe I am in trouble. Happy to report there are no current "won't mention that to Annie" situations.