Stationary But Looking at Island Hopping

The maps are spread out on the floor, the calls have been made to various friends in far flung corners of North America and I'm raring to go, but not just yet. I should really have rejoined Thelma (my bike) in Los Angeles by now. But there has been an accident, and for once it wasn't me, with the result being that a key colleague of mine has badly dislocated her knee and is off work for some time. This means I've had to put my plans on hold, and stay on for longer to help at work.

She was the one who took on most of my duties when I headed off travelling last year, so I feel it's the least I can do. In the meantime, I'm looking at maps of the Isles of Scillies for a short trip over there. Google the name of them to see why they are worth visiting, even without a motorbike.