Sputnik Ian on his way home

My guilt at feeling partially responsible for Ian's injury was eased a bit as I got up at the unearthly hour of 4.30am to accompany him to the airport this morning. He is coping well with his injury, although he has taken to the distressing habit of wearing his sandals a lot - even with socks so that he can do his shoes himself ( he is unable to tie shoelaces). He has some great bruises and one shoulder is at a funny angle and is much bigger than the other one giving him a hunched over appearance.


So if anyone is at Heathrow this afternoon, keep an eye out for Quasimodo.


Meantime, I have got a motorbike to retrieve from a shed in Ondorkhaan.


Ians shoulder

To everyone who has wished Tiff and I well wishes thanks a lot. To all the fashionistas out there, I can now tie laces one handed which I kow will particularly impress Tiff, so no more sandals with socks! They also smell bad so all other persons who had to experience them my apologies.

I am looking forward to my chips and Rattler from Cat and am now off to hospital.