Spills and Thrills

The spills were the sheer number of times I fell off that extremely high bike. The thrills were the "Oh my God" moments as I approached each section- was I really going to have to zig-zag in and out of that river, ride straight up that very steep muddy hill, stop and then re-start on a slab of muddy, wet slate, and do all those tight turns amongst the tree roots.

It was great fun, though I am absolutely exhausted and I'm covered in bruises. As a novice rider on a bike I've never ridden before I like to think I didn't do too badly. Though I have to admit I reckon I probably came last in the competition!

My huge thanks to Gary for being "Ladies" Team Captain, advising and helping along the way, not to mention picking up the bike at regular intervals, and big thanks to Loo and Rose for being such great team mates and encouraging me throughout the long day.

Photos to come.

Bravo - catch up soon in London?

Hi Tiffany, am just blown away par tous tes exploits - Bravo!

Now that you're back in the UK, let me know when you're passing through London - you have a bed and a meal here anytime you want.

Gros bisous

Catherine et Guillaume


Great to hear from you, and yes, I'll definitely be in touch the next time I'm in London.

best wishes