Snowy New Year

The snow has finally hit us down here in southwestern Cornwall - usually the warmest part of the country but now wrapped in ice and snow. And as we are so unused to it, although the snow is only a few inches deep, the whole county has ground to a halt.

I was in a borrowed car last night and had a slow journey, including inching my way past two abandoned cars to get home - it would have been terrifying on a bike.

no snow in canada

Hey tiff

would you believe it I an sitting in canada with green fields across from my house, the snow sculpture and cross country ski events for the village have been cancelled and its been a steady +2 degrees, crazey old world.

maybe see you next year on your way across Canada#

cheers chris


Hi Chris

I've definitely got your address as one of the places to visit when I'm heading across North America in a few months time. Do you still have your GS?

love from


Slushy Mushy Penwith...!!!

Hi Tiffany, yep tis true we have kids sledging here in west cornwall....!!!

Can I pick your brains for some local info please Tiff, its no biggy just maybe you can help..??

Graham, AKA ( Mez ) the geezer selling grog at your blown out but spirited GS bash last year..!!

Cheers Mez.

getting in touch

HI Mez

always glad to help out another GS rider. I'll be in touch tomorrow.

and yes- the snow is amazing