Skunk Hunting

Thanks to Jeff, the GS 1200 rider I met riding last night on Route 15 somewhere near Morton (Ontario), I managed to make it to North Gower. The 15 was closed by police with some serious road blocking techniques that not even a bike would get through, I had the map and Jeff had the local knowledge, so we took some side roads to get around and then he led me through the confusion of streets known as Smith Falls to leave me on the correct road.

I got here to Pam and Jeff's (another Jeff) house late last night to find a meal waiting and a proposal to go and look at the skunks in the garden- as they were amused to hear that the only skunks I've seen have been dead ones, the victims of roadside hit and runs.

There was also the chance that we may see racoons, however we were not in luck, the little critters must have all gone caamera shy and avoided us.

I had been late leaving Toronto as I had an interview with Paul- a journalist from Cycle Canada (a motorbike magazine)- for some reason, motorbikes are also referred to as cycles over here. As always, when I get invited to talk, I just can't stop...