Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Getting over the fact that Holland lost the Final, but hey, Spain played a great game. I'm also socialising, catching up with friends old and new and getting to grips with American roads. Just why do they have so many words painted on the road? It feels like I can't get a few miles without:

ped xing

slow ahead

painted on the road amongst other things. I've also noticed that they are definitely driving faster than they used to when I was here previously.

I'm still getting by with just the one semi-intact indicator (which doesn't work anyway), apparently the police are quite hot on that sort of thing so I'm ready with a sob story if I get pulled over for it. I managed to exchange my trusty tent for a new one - yeah, I did explain that the old one had been used continuously for eight years as it was used in the four corners of the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic whilst being transported on the back of a motorbike- they said no problem, it has now failed so they gave me a new one- good old REI. I wish we had them in England.

It seems the computers out here don't like my English spelings and red lines are appearing all over my blogs as I write them.

not anonymous

message above also from me;

ps we were for Spain - ya boo


Finn and I were in London next day which seemed alive with jubilant Spanish supporters, especially in the q for the loos at the British Museum



everlasting tents?

glanced at REI site but couldn't see whether they offer a lifetime warranty - beggars belief regarding camping stuff - perhaps it was your personal charm -


delighted to hear about the comfy comfy seat!  sounds great