Sipping Margaritas by the Pacific

The good news is that Mexican customs let me across the border with the temporary documents on Savas's bike. We have now managed to travel 1300 miles without falling out (or off). He has learnt quickly that :

Tiffany tired is not good

Tiffany hungry is not good

 and Tiffany tired AND hungry must be avoided at all costs.

We've got to Puerto Vallarta, where he has a shared apartment and I am staying with my old friends Janet and Bruce Cohn for a couple of days. Janet already features on my rogues' gallery and I am working on her to get her to join me for part of the West Coast to East Coast journey next year.


Meanwhile the margaritas are taking effect, It's getting late and I need to sleep, the rest of the journey details will have to be shared tomorrow. Including the riding through the cacti in the dark.