Siobhan a vet from New South Wales in Australia, it's always good to travel with someone who knows one end of a scalpel from another even if it's usually animals she operates on. Siobhan chose to join me for an extreme ride into the icy Arctic, the great ride up to Dead Horse, Alaska, the northernmost settlement that can be reached by road in the Americas. It was a long, cold ride, through snow and ice. dodging bears and moose, camping on frozen tundra - unable to even hammer the tent pegs into the ground. And then when we did finally reach Dead Horse, imagine our shock that we couldn't celebrate our achievement with champagne (or even a beer) as no one had told us it's a dry town.

The R100GS - see the world and smell it!!

Brilliant bike ,,, sorry I ever sold mine !! But don't tell KATO (2011 990 Adventure in my garage) that!!

Happy travels Siobhan and Tiffany.