Shivering through Siberia

Having spent several days riding non-stop  and camping I am currently over a thousand miles from the Mongolian border and staying in a flat in Magdagachy, with several Russians hanging over nmy shoulder as I attempt to update my blog, I don't think I am going to get far.

The pivo (beer) is being freely poured and it looks like there will be four of us sleeping in this room tonight, it might be more comfortable than last night when I was sharing my tent with an Armenian cyclist who had nowhere to stay and to convince me of his trustworthines in the tent-sharing department, used his only english phrase -

"I love you Jesus"


I survived the night unscathed.

Its Piva dear Piva , but if

Its Piva dear Piva , but if you are going to Korea , say Hi to Wendy for me tell her Mr Noriban / Jinjilbang says hi and she'll know who this is,


And get her to take you to a Jinjilbang in Seoul, you'll like it lots trust me ;)

You are amazing x

Hi lying in bed nursing a hangover, which is rare for me. Its been raining here today but not too cold. The lightening photo is amazing, must have been so scary. I can't believe all the places you have been to since I have know you. You are amazing Tiff. I love you loads and can't wait to see you when you get home. Saz xx