In Seattle

I'm in the city of coffee and rain, or at least that seems to be the general consensus, though it's been sunny so far I can confirm it can be a bit tricky to track down a decent cup of tea. I was looking at my GPS tracking page yesterday and noticed that the main features are long stops at the George and Dragon followed by a stop at the Market Arms - both of which are English pubs here in Seattle. 

I am on the look out for other cultural experiences. The roadkill here is heavily biased towards squirrels - unbelievable numbers of them, it's almost like there's a squirrel vendetta going on, two in the street outside the house alone. I've also seen my first raccoons, didn't expect them to be so close to the city, especially as their road sense leaves a lot to be desired, they could be giving the squirrels some competition on the Roadkill Hit Parade.

American/Canadian roadkill

Hello Tiffany - greetings from another Yank.

Reading your blog I see that you're intentions are to head back to Labrador, New Foundland Canada.  Assuming that you'll be driving east in Canada rather than through the USA...  In both the US and Canadian countryside, deer are certainly one of the animals that are extremely important to be mindful when riding, but in Canada one must be weary of the very large Elk and more so, Moose too.  These large critters literally spring out of nowhere alongside the roads and it's significantly much worse at night since traffic is less.  

Hope you're having a hoot in rain city even though I hear it's absolutely sunny now.

Ulippy W

squirrels are the least of your worries!



Just found your web site - via ADVrider. I'm looking forward to reading more about your travels.

As you travel east the major road danger from animals are deer. We have a gazillion of them here in western NY. And, it is not a squirrel vendetta, by the way. They are absolutely suicidal. (Think lemmings.) Just watch them run toward your vehicle from the side of the road; stop and run back to the edge as you near them; then U-turn once more - perfectly timed for death by motor vehicle. (Sometimes the U-turns: on the road, off the road, on the road, off the road, .... occur a dozen times. But way too often the last decision is a mistake as you have witnessed.) Probably these moves were a great survival selector when the big dangers were foxes and hawks and the squirrels were busily evolving. Now, not so much. The deer are WAY more dangerous. They don't do the switcheroo thing, they just bolt at 90 mph (forget cheetah's, the nature shows haven't timed NY deer) and come straight into your path from a nearby woods or field. Be alert and stay near the brakes.

Ok, so I exaggerate a little. The deer are plentiful, but the riding is superb here in the east. Don't miss western NY and west/central PA in your travels. Of course, West Virginia, NC, northern Georgia, ... all great riding too, particularly on the little named backroads. Roads with names are way better than the ones with numbers - unless you're in a hurry.

Have a great journey here.


Deer Lookout

Thanks for your comments guys and I'm glad you're enjoying the website. As for the warnings about deer...well I spent a couple of hours last week washing a Washington State Trooper's bike - he'd had a run-in with a deer and the bike was fairly badly damaged (and they're big bikes), my task was to clean off all the deer shit. A lesson well learned.

State Trooper - 1

Bambi - 0