Safely Home

A couple of days spent in LA catching up with friends and buzzing around on Evren's 250cc dirt bike drew my journey across America and Canada to a close. Before I knew it I was once more on public transport all dressed up in bike gear with my helmet under my arm and heading for the nearest airport.

I'd had a great send off cooking a traditional British roast beef dinner complete with yorkshire puddings and gravy for a group of friends, including Sam and Victoria, a British couple whom I'd last met in Kyrgyzstan on my travels last year. They're still on the road!

It's goodbye to North America which has surprisingly turned out to be most dangerous continent to date. And where else next...??? Well, that is still a well-kept secret.

Been there! All great

Been there! All great moto journeys seem to begin and to end on a bus or subway, helmet under one arm, luggage on the other. Looking forward to your BMW vid!



welcome back

Loved the story and look forward to the next adventure.