Running from Hurricane Igor

Now that's a good name for a hurricane, somewhat sinister and well worth running away from. Having got trapped on PEI (Prince Edward Island for the Brits and Yanks reading this), as the only bridge to the mainland was closed on Sunday for seven hours, I headed off the island as quickly as I could. Igor is headed this way and it's time to move inland away from the maritimes before it hits.

A quick tourist culture hit before I left with a visit to the Anne of Green Gables house, where a small child mistook me for Anne herself- his Mum reckons it was because I've got plaits (braids). I did mention that I must have missed the chapter where Anne Goes Motorbiking (as I had my helmet in hand as well).  Kids in the US seem very used to costumed interpreters at a lot of the museums, someone even took a photo of me at L'Anse Aux Meadows, the viking place in Newfoundland, because of my leather trousers and plaits, again it was assumed I was in costume (OK I will admit that I also had a viking helmet on at the time) I'd like to know what they thought when they looked at the pictures and realised my jacket is covered in reflective stripes which show up well on flash.