Roaming Across Europe

A fast ride across Europe found us at times crossing four countries in one day (OK, so Slovenia is only 35 miles wide at that point). We're moving quickly in order to make the most of our time ahead in Asia and on the Silk Road itself. The weather behaved itself and was mostly sunny as we rode. Another of our participants joined us in Belgium. I now feel like a mother hen as I'm riding along, keeping an eye on everyone and ever mindful of the fact that I'm partly responsible for this motley crew. At times I'm running a roll call through my head along the lines of..."six bikes in front of me, so there must be four bikes behind me" and then trying to work out exactly who I've overtaken. Then re-claculating again as I see three GS bikes parked up outside a coffee house and realise they're ours. We haven't actually seen any other bike travellers heading in the same direction as us, which is probably just as well, because I might well end up tagging along behind the wrong people.

Everyone is riding at their own pace, some singly, others in pairs or threes. We'll often meet up over tea or coffee in the roadside establishments. I'm building up a fine appreciation of the doughnuts of Europe, which I've been sampling with my afternoon cup of tea.

Getting to grips with my GPS -  I used that classic modern technology learning technique of grabbing someone's teenage son and asking for a quick rundown. I now know I'm on the pink line and there is an arrow in the top left corner which is showing me what direction to take, or at least that's the theory of it. There is also a helpful countdown timer that indicates how far away the next turning is - I've been trying to catch it out by slowing down sometimes. I'm obviously somewhat hopeful that my bosses at GlobeBusters aren't reading this particular blog. Never mnd, I've blagged it this far, and after all, I'm a quick learner.

Our route has been varied and beautiful from the forests of the Ardennes, across the Rhine, along and over the Alps, beside Alpine lakes and through the small villages of Eastern Europe. For me, the best riding so far has, rather surprisingly been in Serbia. A country better known for its war criminals than it's scenic riding routes. Som of the roads we took were just fantastic.