Riding with Kazakhs

One ride out with the local bike club and my clean sheet with the Kazakh police is wiped out as we all got pulled over en masse. Not really surprising as some of them were riding extremely fast. I know you are going to want to know what bikes were out with us - ummmm, not sure except the R1, the Africa Twin and a very fast BMW.

Luckily the police were not interested in me when they realised I was a foreigner.


Everyone from the bike club made us very welcome and we were presented with club mugs (Live 2 Ride), which we are determined to get back to England in one piece- currently packed away in the pannier. We rode up the mountain to the dam at Medey, about thirty bikes gathered there including a Bulgarian riding to Mongolian who is also making a documentary about his trip and so did a quick interview with us. A fast ride back down the mountain to the city and then dinner at a restaurant where the meat was served not on skewers but on swords and they searched in vain through the ten pages of the menu for something that did not have meat in it - as always, chips and salad is fine.