Ride for Kids Charity Bike Ride

I had the great honour today of being invited to ride with the VIP escort for the Washington Baltimore Ride for Kids. This is an annual event that takes place at many locations throughout America, where motorcyclists participate in a sponsored ride to raise funds for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Over $240,000 was raised today which is fantastic, it was an amazing event to be part of. The most awe-inspiring part, apart from the police escorting the 500 bikes with flashing ligjts was the opportunity to meet some of the children who are undergoing treatment for their tumours- they are a great bunch of kids.



Outstanding :)

Great to see you are having a great time out there, hope you have not needed to practice your bike pick up technique. Ride safe and have fun x



that was tempting fate

thanks for that James as the very next day I had to pick up Thelma- after stupidly trying to put the panniers on her when she was in neutral at the top of a hill...I know, what was I thinking??!!


best wishes