Reunited with Thelma

I've had a hectic final couple of weeks spent doing everything except preparing for a long trans-continental journey, and I now find myself in Los Angeles reunited with Thelma who is looking a bit battered but just about good to go. Meanwhile, I am fairly unprepared- no thermal long johns, a tent that is well and truly on its last legs, no guidebook and, more seriously, no map. As a certified mapaholic this is a major omission and one that I need to get sorted. But it's a bit of the chicken and the egg situation, I obviously need to find a map shop, but how can I find the shop without a map to get me there?

Another complication is that yet again, the airline have lost my luggage, so I'm down to my last pair of clean knickers and no bike riding gear. I'm not sure which is the most serious. However a warm welcome has awaited me, Erdem and Evren who hosted me last time have welcomed me back with open arms and copious amounts of great-tasting Turkish food. There is even a surprise guest, Ali from Istanbul, the overlander in a landrover who I first encountered in Georgia and then on the Mongolian border, he's here preparing for his trip southwards to Tierra Del Fuego. 


Bon voyage

If you can't get a map you could email me and I could look at the fantastic GPS thing and tell you where you are.  Would be happy to help!



Genius Idea

Now that is a good suggestion - so far not doing too badly, I've had a map of California donatedby another biker who felt sorry for me - many thanks to you Jim if you are reading this.