Reaching Romania

After a very fast exit once my shock absorber had eventually arrived I set off in pouring rain yesterday through Southern Germany and across the Alps into Austria - absolutely freezing cold despite the heated jacket and gloves.
Now at my friend's house in Romania - I am very tired after almost 900 miles in two days. Today has been blistering hot and I have had to shed several of my 7 layers, reaffirming what a nice country Romania is, I came here on me very first bike trip 12 years ago and this is the first time I have returned, still appalling roads with potholes etc and now with a lot more traffic.
though there remain a lot of horse and carts as well - quite a contrast to the posh BMW and Audi cars that are speeding past them.

Just trying to find out how long it will take me to reach Odessa on the Black Sea...


Reporting safe arrival of postcard! If you could see how clean your bath is I expect you'd give up this motorcycling lark & come back for a nice long soak!!!!!

Really enjoying keeping track of you on the blog.



You two are heroes- thank you so much for clearing up my house after I left it in such a state (things were very hectic the last 48 hours I was in the UK). I'm sure the lodgers will appreciate what you have done.