Reaching the Atlantic Ocean

After having left the Atlantic coastline in May last year, when Thelma and I set off from Lands End, it was quite emotional after 16 moonths, a few continents and many countries later not mention a thousand miles of Labrador's grey gravel to suddenly see this blue vista spread out in front of me.

I had reached Red Bay and the Atlantic Ocean once more- home is just across the water, but I've got a lot further to travel yet until I'm there.

A last minute dash to the ferry- I hadn't realised there was a time difference between north and south Labrador of 30 minutes! Apparently south Labrador runs on the same time as Newfoundland and therefore so does the ferry. I scraped in by the skin of my teeth at the ferry termional in Blanc Sablon (which is actually in Quebec) and was immediately greeeted by fellow passengers with the words

"Are you Tiffany?"

Apparently I've been the subject of several dinnertime conversations in the restaurants along this coastal route as people I've met have been talking about me and my journey with other tourists.

The ferry can be a rough crossing but I was in luck, with my acupressure wrist bands on I was OK and even managed to keep a lookout for whales. This area is famous for the nukmerous whales that can be seen from shore and from the boats. They must have all been hiding though when I was on the ferry. I was also too late in the season for the icebergs, the area to the north is known as iceberg alley, because so many float down fromt he Arctic in pring and early summer.

Once on solid ground once more, Thelma and I headede north to L'Anse aux Meadows, the viking base on the island of Newfoundland. I reality check on my history lessons as it turns out that Columbus was NOT the first European to reach North America, the Vikings had beaten him by 500 years! And I saw the evidence where their peat-walled huts had stood and the various artifacts that have been found, as well as hearing the stories about the Vikings themselves led by Erik the Red and his daughter who had done much of the exploration. I was in for a treat at the Viking Centre car park -  a car had been left with its lights on and the owner was on an unsuccessful search for jump leads- step forward the resourceful Bristish motorcyclist with her jump leads. I was keen to use Thelma to do the jump start but got over-ruled as they didn't want to weaken her battery. But I made sure I got a photo of me attaching the leads to the car. Having been on the receiving end of countless jump starts over the years, it was very satisfying to be helping someone else for a change.

The Atlantic

Tiff, I did wave from Sennen but you probably had your back turned!




Ian xx12