Reached Mongolia

Utterly exhausted after an almost non-stop ride from Almaty (southern Kazakhstan) that has taken us two weeks. Feeling exhilarated to have reached Mongolia after three and a half months and even better to have met up with old friends whom I haven't seen for seven years as we have always been on bike travels at opposite ends of the world - funny to meet up with them here in Mongolia.


We had our adventures covering the final two thousand miles to Mongolia...


Spasibo to NBS in Novosibirsk


and also a huge spasibo (that's thank you in Russian) to Nastia for hosting us and Kosta for all the work on Thelma.


We entered Novosibirsk, which turned out tobe a huge city, knowing that we needed to find a motorbike workshop. Our hopes weren't high s we had met Sergei at a cafe on the way and when we asked him about a bike place, his reply was

"Don't you realise that we have ten months winter here each year? Nobody rides a bike".


we used our non-scientific but time-honoured and often proved method for finding a bike shop - ride into town until you spot a big bike then ask the rider where a mechanic is (remont in Russian if you're interested). Once more we were successful and were taken to NBS Motors, and introduced to Andrew who speaks excellent English. He welcomed us to "Siberia's biggest bike shop", ah, so we're in Siberia, that's why it's so bloody cold, we had no idea and thought it was further east. There were certainly no "Welcome to Siberia" signs,maybe they save them for the gulags.


We were pleased to find that NBS were more than happy to help us, and their mechanic soon got to work with our electrical system. The verdict being that our battery is dead (not news to us), and the bad news that there are no suitable batteries in Siberia. The good news being that after many phone calls and careful measuring of the battery compartment, Andrew had managed to track down a battery that would fit. Which was how I found myself riding 2000 miles with a cheap Korean car battery crammed under my seat.

As the shop was closing for the evening (8pm on a Saturday), Andrew once more got on the phone and found us the best electrics boffin in the city (if not in the whole of Siberia) -  Kosta who gave up his Saturday night to track us done at Nastia's house and set to work on Thelma's electrics - the guy is a genius and incredibly helpful and generous with his time. it was 11.30pm by the time he started work on Thelma, this was followed by an Internet research session where he found out which locally available regulator would do the job, and then an early morning trip to the market to buy one (and a second as back-up) followed by a further fitting and testing session on Thelma, all so that we would be able to continue our journey without delay. We set off with a Russian regulator to complement the Korean battery.

But what else happened on that Saturday night? Andrew contacted his freinds and we found ourselves at a Bikers' Banya Party at Nastia's house. The Tomsk bike club were in town and there was a party on for them. For those not in the know, a banya is a Russian sauna complete with cold plunge pool and bunches of birch twigs to beat against the skin and cleanse oneself. Which was how we found ourselves ina  sauna with burly bearded bikers brabndishing birch twigs and singing in russian (them not us), before you start to get too hedonsitic a view of the proceedings, we were very English and wearing vest and knickers.

It was a great party, with Nastia being a wonderful hostess and insisting we stay in her house when we had been ready to put up our tent in the garden. We were sad to be leaving the following morning but Monglia was beckoning.



You mean even though you left lands End in May - you still havn't made it to John O Groats yet ?

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Hey x

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful adventurous woman.

Live life!


Tiffany, well done. I look forward to a big story about your trip. ;)

P.S. Last week I had a fourdays mototrip Almaty-Moscow via Baikonur (city is located close the cosmodrome)

Your russian friend Fedor. )

looking forward to the

looking forward to the details

well done

well done


great stuff Tiff. Get back safely


Well done Tiff -

Well done Tiff - congratumalations!!!

Its about time you reached a country that I dont thave a problem trying to pronounce....