Reached Goose Bay

Goose Bay is the middle of Labrador so I finally feel like I have made it. I'll be bunking down here for a couple of days as already the wind has really picked up, the hurricane is on its way in. At Labrador City Thelma's starter motor inexplicably started working again as soon as there was a mechanic on hand- I assured him I was not exaggerating the problems, but Thelma refused to repeat her pathetic whirring instead of starting noise. I suppose this is good news as long as she can sustain it, as John, the mechanic at Hewlett Minpaco said, there's not a lot he can do if she seems fine.

As a consolation prize, I offered him the snapped fairing bracket, he took a good look, made a couple of phone calls and then got to work- I helped (yes, it's true!) by starting to remove the bracket, I got half of it off then he took over and worked out how to remove the other half.

Twenty minutes later they had welded and cut until I had a better than before version, now all we had to do was re-build Thelma, with the help of the ever-patient Keith who doesn't even work there - he had only popped by to say hello to John!

Thank you very much guys, it was great to be riding onwards knowing that Thelma was in one solid piece again. I also feel that it's another of Thelma's souvenirs, she's got welding on her from Mozambique to Patagonia and Mongolia and now has some from Labrador.

Before I left Labrador City there was one more call to make, upon hearing that I was heading down the Trans-Labrador Highway alone, I was strongly urged to take an emergency phone with me. This is issued free to travellers venturing out along this remote road, a satellite phone provided by the highway patrol people, so that those who have accidents or run into difficulties can contact the emergency services. There is almost no mobile phone coverage for the area.

I dutifully went along and signed it out- a neat yellow (matches Thelma) box, containing the phone and which luckily comes with full instructions on how to contact the police via satellite.

I was all set for the final run through to Goose Bay having been to the supermarket and stocked up on some food and then unable to find a campsite apart from an encampment which was more reminiscent of Mad Max than Hi De Hi, I once more camped rough, along the highway heading east.