Rained off the Blue Ridge Parkway

It's true, there was so much rain and fog (I know, I'm a Brit, so I should be used to it) when I got up after camping on the Shenandoah Skyline that I came down off the mountains and took the normal highway through Virginia to North Carolina. It just would not have been safe to ride those twisting roads in such wet conditions. I was drenched through from the waist down when I stopped for a lunch break in Salem near Roanoke. I went into a new restaurant called Cousisn, owned and run by Harley riders (and cousins) Tony and Jimmy. They provided a cup of tea and the best egg butty (sandwich) I've had on this side of the Atlantic, upon seeing how much water poured out of my boot they also provided me with plastic bags to cover my feet and duct tape to attach them with.

At the end of the day I got to Asheville and stayed with Dianne Traynor at her lovely wooden house, where we managed to enjoy clear views across the valley that evening as we discussed the likelihood of me getting onto the Parkway in the morning.