Race Practice and Platform Heels

I'm in St Agnes, being put through my paces by Loo and Gary. I attempted to ride to work yesterday on Boyfriend's bike only to be foiled by a snapped off tube valve. I got the tube changed today - many thanks to Dai for that sterling piece of work accompanied by buckets of sweat (him not me). I've made it here via a couple of other stops (was refused admittance to the Flower Show, it's a long story) and have put on the race trial tyres, I know, I never realised there were so many types of tyres either.

Then having heard about my complete lack of riding experience on this towering monstrosity, L & G decided to put me through my paces. Down the hill to some short sections of off-road.

Ten minutes later and the result:

Falls = 3

Injuries = 1

Damage to boyfriend's bike = 0      (phew, that was the worrying part)

Having seen how much I am teetering to even get a single toe on the ground, and having watched me fall, Gary announced that he must lower the bike, we all returned to the workshop and put the bike (still nameless) on the stand. Twenty minutes later he admitted defeat, major issues around just trying to access the rear shock absorber mean that in the time we've got that it's not possible to get this tall bike any lower.

Plan B - platform boots

at this time of evening in Cornwall, no chance of finding any.

Back to Plan A which is me just tipping the bike over to one side to try and reach the ground.

I have taken a look at the list of competitors, there are three women (great i might get a printed position) and less than 10% of the riders have got a bike 400cc or above- errrr, that's including me. As my usual bike is 800cc this already feels like a major downgrade.

I'll be rider number 72 for any of you who might be watching, we'll be arriving at Sennen at approximately 4.00pm.

I'm going to bed now, having watched England lose yet again at rugby (12-10 against France), with the thought that I must improve on that and at least complete tomorrow's race so that my team get a placing.