Pre-Race Nerves

I've just watched some footage of the End to End Trial on You Tube and I'm getting nervous. I've been sent a list of rules which I don't understand and as for the route plan, there are so many abbreviations in it that it looks like nonsense to me. Hopefully I'll just be able to follow other riders.

One of the rules states that I must not put my feet down in certain sections - well, that should be fairly easy as I can barely reach the ground on the bike anyway. It's a Suzuki DRZ 400E for those who are wondering, and actually it's not even blue as I had thought but yellow. The valve broke off on the inner tube yesterday so I'm heading to the shops now to get another tube and fit it along with my special trials tyres. Then I'll be able to ride it for the first time.

24 hours until the race begins, I'll get in a bit of practice by heading over to my Dad's Vallage Flower Show in Ruan Minor (if anyone else is interested in my dynamic social life).

Then tonight I ride up to Loo and Gary's place to share a bottle of wine under the pretext of discussing race tactics, I'll be staying at theirplae as we have to set off at 6.00am to get to Bude in time for the start. My final pre-race decision will be what colour hairbands to wear in my plaits.